Ortega National Parks (ONP) announces that Nolan Capital, Inc., the family office of Peter Nolan, has become the company’s majority owner

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This sale will enable ONP to continue expanding its operations, which now include retail, lodging, and hospitality locations in U.S. and national, state and county parks.ONP is a seventh-generation family business most recently led by owners Armand Ortega, Shane Ortega and Tom Williamson, who – with their predecessors – have grown ONP to be one of the leading hospitality organizations serving parks across the country.

They will remain active as minority owners and board members, and help ONP uphold its core values of customer service, environmental responsibility and historic preservation.  Along with Peter Nolan, Shane Ortega will also serve in the capacity of Co-Chairman of the Board.

Nolan Capital, Inc., also a family business, is headquartered in Hermosa Beach, Calif., with ownership interests in other retail endeavors, restaurant operations, manufacturing and real estate investments.  Nolan Capital takes a long-term investment perspective focusing on high quality, enduring businesses.

“Everything about Nolan Capital matches what ONP has stood for and built the business on,” said Frank Pikus, ONP Chief Executive Officer.  “We are excited about how the team at Nolan Capital can help us continue to grow and diversify our business, while staying true to the Ortega family roots.” 

Peter Nolan, Chairman of Nolan Capital, said the following; “We are extraordinarily proud to partner with the Ortega family in this investment. ONP has had a long history of service and it is our  mission to continue as a responsible steward of our park partner’s assets and resources.  We are committed to serving our guests and visitors while respecting the environment and furthering the mission of these great public assets.”

ONP specializes in retail and hospitality industries managing commerce in several national, state, and county parks across the United States through retail stores, concessions, restaurants and lodging.  In addition to providing their services in national, state, and county parks, ONP upholds historical preservation at every site with environmental responsibility.  ONP works with parks to protect and sustain natural park resources while keeping water preservation and energy reduction at the forefront of their strategies and technologies.

Nolan Capital is the family office for Peter Nolan.  Peter has over 37 years of investing experience and was the former Managing Partner of Leonard Green and Partners in Los Angeles, California.  He currently serves as a Senior Advisor to Leonard Green.  Peter has investment experience in a variety of sectors, such as consumer products and services, retail and restaurants, manufacturing, distribution, industrial products, business services, government services and healthcare.  Nolan Capital partners with leading, middle-market companies that have proven management teams.   Led by Peter J. Nolan, Nolan Capital executes and manages private equity, real estate and other investments on behalf of the Nolan family.