BIG UP STUDIOS creates a state-of-the-art “real time animation” studio

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Big Up Studios is a partnership between toy and entertainment industry French veteran, Philippe Heron, and 15-year-long engine developer Belgian expert, Julien Ramakers. The combination of both talents and respective complementing expertise brings a fresh and exciting opportunity to address today’s kids’ entertainment challenges faced by TV and internet broadcasting: deliver fast and high-quality content at a competitive production cost.

Maximizing EPIC’s Unreal engine potential, Big Up Studios highlights new opportunities for animation producers, IP owners and kids content broadcasters.

Big Up Studios was formed after both Heron and Ramakers shared the same analysis about the obvious applications in real time animated content available through Epic’s Unreal engine.

« The quality of our work has been confirmed by artists of well-known studios like Weta Digital (Avengers, Game of Thrones, …), or Industrial Light & Magic (Star Wars, Spiderman, …) » said Ramakers.

Interestingly, real time assets created for an animation project can be re-used on other platforms such as Apps, video games, TV commercials, and marketing tools. This results in significant savings and increases IP’s exposure and kids’ engagement. Ultimately, this adds higher perceived value to an IP and its licensed merchandise.

Heron has accumulated over 30 years of international expertise in toys and entertainment, having started back in 1990 at Bandai Europe HQ, while working closely with Saban Entertainment and Toei Company on developing mass exposure and revenues for “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. He then went on with many other famous properties, acting as representative for toy companies or licensing agent .

Ramakers studied computer research and developed innovative technology to adapt real time engine to animation specificities, developing his own coding to further enhance Unreal engine tools. His knowledge in Artificial Intelligence helped him create new models for approximate physical materials in pre- and post-image processing.

Big Up Studios currently works on some well-known IP’s. Ramakers and Heron welcome new opportunities to cooperate with IP owners, animation studios, broadcasters and toy companies.

If you would like more information, visit Big Up Studios will attend Brand Licensing Europe in London, Mipcom in Cannes as well as other key events in toys, licensing and entertainment industries.