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Male sex workers need GOOD, SAFE and LEGAL working places, too. During this year’s Amsterdam Pride, My Red Light and are collaborating to create awareness around the need for good, safe and legal working places for ALL sex workers – men and women alike. To do this, several HUNQZ will take place behind My Red Light’s windows in the world-famous Amsterdam Red Light District. This day, the HUNQZ will only be working as models. Visitors of the Pride will be able to interact with them and take selfies with them. This way, we hope visitors of the Pride will learn more about male sex workers and what is important to them!


This year’s theme for Pride Amsterdam is, “Remember the Past, Create the Future”. Together HUNQZ and My Red Light are proposing a future that sees sex workers being treated equally to other independent entrepreneurs. They deserve the same rights and entitlements. Both organisations work towards these goals. My Red Light through their non-profit window brothel in the red light district, whose primary priority is the well-being of its sex workers. It provides good, safe and legal working spaces for ALL sex workers. by providing a safe online space where escorts and clients can chat with each other and discretely book dates.


In association with My Red Light, several HUNQZ will be standing with Pride in My Red Light’s windows this Saturday to illustrate that men sell sex, too, and that they, too, need good, safe and legal spaces to work in.


The HUNQZ will be in the windows all day, from 10am until 7pm, to interact with the public and to allow visitors of the Pride to take selfies with them. Please note: taking pictures of sex workers is NEVER allowed on the Wallen without their permission. These HUNQZ give their permission during this day. Please only take pictures of them and not of other sex workers. The location is the windows at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal 27.


On Saturday, August 3rd, between 11.00 – 13.00 a moment has been organized for the press. The press will be able to take pictures during this time (the HUNQZ give their permission!). The time of the press moment is before the start of the Canal Pride so that the press can visit both events. Representatives of My Red Light and HUNQZ will be there to answer questions from the press.


“HUNQZ approached us with this idea and we have been very happy to help make it happen, because it raises awareness about the need for GOOD, SAFE and LEGAL working spaces for ALL sex workers, such as those that we have here at My Red Light”, says Rik Viergever, manager at My Red Light.

“As a gay man living in Amsterdam, I often walk through the red light on the way home and wonder how different it would be if there were men in the windows too”, says Jens Schmidt, Founder of HUNQZ. ” As the largest online network, we wanted to partner with My Red Light to raise awareness that every sex worker deserves the same respect and rights as anyone else for the work they do.” 

  • Sex work in Amsterdam: Prostitution is Legal in Amsterdam. The city of Amsterdam believes greater transparency allows for a more focused approach, helping to create a safe, ‘healthy’ sex industry. This approach is described in detail in local legislation, in the Amsterdam Municipal Ordinance. Between 2013 and 2016, all businesses active in the sex industry in Amsterdam were required to apply for a new license. To receive a license, establishments must have an approved business plan on file that details measures for providing safe, hygienic working conditions for their sex workers and ensuring that they are healthy and independent.
  • My Red Light My Red Light is a non-profit window brothel situated in the Amsterdam red light district that has been established to help improve labour conditions for sex workers and help strengthen the rights of sex workers. Our view is that sex workers should be able to work freely, safely and in good working conditions. They should enjoy the same rights, treatment, entitlements and opportunities as other independent entrepreneurs. Would you like to know more? See this LINK for more information.
  • HUNQZ.COM With more than 38,000 registered HUNQZ worldwide, HUNQZ is the largest escorting network for gay, bi or transgender companionship services. /