Beta Pear Ltd Presents Its Plans for the Near Future

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On their regular company meeting for announcing and analysis of the quarterly results last Monday, at Rimorium Grand Terrace View Hotel in Bath, locally-operating EU-based online marketing and commerce company Beta Pear Ltd presented its plans for the next operating period after revealing an astounding 16% revenue increase from their online operation. 

Based on Quaterly Results, Management Can Aim for Higher Achievement Than Expected

Timothy Burton, the company’s Head of Projects and Sports Markets Analytics Expert, sees that as a huge opportunity to be used for an immediate upsurge. Specific plans include entrance on new markets, especially using the latest regulation wave and legislation moves in a number of EU and non-EU countries, allowing for much clearer procedures and, thence, more stability in the sports betting industry.

A More Stable Future Ahead

“We must use that uptake and turn our already smoothly running business into a big success,” said Mr Burton at the company meeting last week. “There is a whole new field opening before us. Based on the numbers we saw from last quarter, and especially, comparing them to the same quarter of the previous fiscal year, it is for us a distinct signal to straighten up our lines and continue the trend.”

Beta Pear Ltd Head of Projects and Analytics voiced his opinion that the recent results can be seen as the beginning of a take-off rather than a steady growth, but the future will show if his estimation was correct. Beta Pear have seen a sudden, however not surprising increase in revenue before and during the first half of the FIFA World Cup matches. The official results are yet to come after Q3 ends, but Mr Burton believes the tendency will remain and all major shareholders support the general opinion to use the chance for development.

As a macro-economic basis for such plans Beta Pear Ltd sees the overall business situation in more than only their particular industrial branch. Over the past couple of years, legislation in the industry has seen major changes on a global scale. Those were prompted largely by the economic situation following the financial difficulties at the end of the last decade. As that remains unstable, legislators and business join forces to find a way out.

Business opportunities, on the one hand, give better chances to fight unemployment. On the other hand, that calls for stronger regulation with a view to improved customer protection. That economic climate in the EU and USA opens great new possibilities, according to Timothy Burton. He further sees the emerging markets of Asia as a promising perspective for the future. Newly-opening territories present both a challenge and an opportunity that the company is prepared to take a hold of.

“That will, of course, decrease our profit margin,” Mr Burton states, “but the step is necessary and, what is really crucial, we can afford it.” Although attracting new client companies and providing services in new territories will bring a definite fall in the net profit, Beta Pear Ltd is ready to take that chance and determined to use it in its favour.

Beta Pear Ltd was incorporated in 2011 and since has turned from a small local enterprise employing 10 friends into a successful marketing and project leading agency that offers innovative brand and strategy decisions to companies interested in the sports marketing, betting and entertainment with over 100 staff.

Timothy Burton is a prominent sports journalist standing behind some of the most successful websites and marketing projects of Beta Pear. Head of the Market Analysis, he is also responsible for all future projects and is greatly trusted by the company management as a visionary.

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