Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Hire Anthony Iser as Senior Trading Mentor

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The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) has today announced a significant addition to their global trading operation: Hedge Fund Advisor and Equities Analyst Anthony Iser has joined the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management as a Senior Trading Mentor, covering the Asia Pacific region.

Anthony has 18 years’ experience as an Investment Banking and Hedge Fund Professional in the Financial Markets having worked at Investment Banks and Hedge Funds in both Australia and Asia.

While completing a degree in Finance from Swinburne University, Anthony joined JPMorgan in Melbourne and soon joined the Wealth Management division specializing in Derivatives. In 2000, Anthony joined the Investment Banking division where he worked in the Equities Trading and Sales division whilst completing the CFA program.

In 2004, he was promoted to a senior role with JPMorgan in Singapore where he advised Equity Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Hedge Funds on their Equity investments in Australia. During his time in Singapore, Anthony was ranked top 3 in Asia for Australian Market Advisory by AsiaMoney.

In 2006, Anthony was recruited by UBS to work in Equity Advisory and continued to advise Funds in Singapore until 2010 when he took a break from the industry to take time off with his family. In his time at UBS, Anthony’s portfolio was ranked in the top 25 out of 1000 globally. In 2012, he joined Tantallon Capital as an Investment Analyst providing idea generation in the Asia Pacific markets.

From 2014 to 2016, Anthony was headhunted back into UBS, this time advising the largest Hedge Funds in Asia and the World on their Equity investments in Asia. Specifically, he provided Equity Advisory services to Hedge Funds from Australia, throughout Asia and the US. During this time, Anthony was top 3 ranked again by AsiaMoney for Equity Advisory Services to Hedge Funds across all of Asia.

From 2016, Anthony has been managing his own private investments in start-up companies across a range of industries including telecoms, healthcare and apparel. In 2017, Anthony joined the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management as a Senior Trading Mentor. Anthony’s role at the Institute involves Mentoring Institute Traders on the official Institute Mentoring Programme helping them to realise their objectives in becoming consistently profitable long-term and to help build their track records. Anthony also helps manage the Institute’s global portfolio in allocating capital to profitable students/traders.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Institute Managing Partner Anton Kreil made the following statement: “Anthony has had an amazing career and is renowned in the Hedge Fund industry as one of the best trade idea generators globally of the last 20 years. We are a perfect fit for each other, mainly due to our global community of over 400 Retail Traders who often struggle with process and idea generation in the beginning of their development as traders. He will be a great Mentor for the students to learn from and he will be adding a lot of value to our organisation.”

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