Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Hire Ross Williams as Senior Trading Mentor

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The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) has today announced a significant addition to their global trading operation: Hedge Fund Manager and Proprietary trader Ross Williams has joined the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management as a Senior Trading Mentor, covering the Asia Pacific region.

Ross Williams is a Professional Trader / Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager. He started his career in 1998 in London at CIBC World Markets in Fixed Income, trading Derivatives and Credit products. He then moved to work for Bear Stearns on their Proprietary Trading Desk from 2001-2006 and was promoted to Managing Director in 2005.

He cashed out at Bear Stearns and joined Hedge Fund (Peloton Partners) in 2006 with other partners from Goldman Sachs, trading all Asset Classes (Rates, Equities, Currencies and Commodities). The fund had the backing of many of the world’s pre-eminent investors.

Peloton quickly grew to USD 2.8 billion in Assets under Management (AUM) due to an 87 per cent performance in the mortgage fund in 2007. Peloton Partners was named Eurohedge Hedge Fund of the Year in Europe in 2007. In 2008, the Global Financial Crisis took its toll and forced redemptions at the fund. The partners agreed to return investors capital and close the fund down.

Ross then returned to his native Australia where he joined the UBS Proprietary Trading operation in Sydney as a Prop’ Trader, Trading across all asset classes. Ross now works for Peninsula Strategies in Sydney (a private investment firm) as a Portfolio Manager specialising in Long / Short Equities Portfolio Management and tactical asset allocation and also as a Senior Trading Mentor and asset allocator at the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, helping Retail Traders get consistent profitability in their portfolios.

With immediate effect Ross Williams will be replacing Tristan Edwards at the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management as a Senior Trading Mentor covering Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. Tristan Edwards has co-founded Life Biosciences in Boston Massachusetts USA and is now full time CEO. Specifically, Life Biosciences is an investment platform dedicated to aging and longevity research aiming to extend human life in good health.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Institute Managing Partner Anton Kreil made the following statement:

“Ross Williams is bringing a wealth of experience with him. He has seen it all and done it all in the last 20 years of trading Financial Markets. Our students in the Asia Pacific region are going to benefit massively from his Mentoring. Tristan Edwards is leaving us to become CEO of a biotech firm which he co-founded in the US. If anything, this is testament to the pedigree of the Mentors we bring into the Institute and shows that, given their talent, they may not always be with us. We wish Tristan good luck in his future endeavours and congratulate Ross on joining the Institute in his new role.”

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