PSI and clueQuest partner to create the ultimate assessment centre experience targeted at today’s changing world of work

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PSI, the leading global assessment provider, today announces a key strategic partnership with clueQuest to provide bespoke immersive escape room assessments for employee selection as an option for employers looking to assess for the changing world of work. Based in London, clueQuest is a live escape room game in which participating teams have 60 minutes to escape from a locked environment using teamwork, communication and logic to gather clues and solve their way out.

Ever wanted to escape from a job interview?

Rated as the UK’s favourite escape room by over 2,700 people on tripadvisor, clueQuest is also used by many companies for team building. Using the escape room as a basis for specifically designed assessment exercises provides a unique opportunity for candidates to be placed under intense pressure to perform. This type of assessment challenge is ideal for placing candidates in an unfamiliar and challenging environment, assessing key behaviours against a backdrop of workplace ambiguity, change and uncertainty.

Chris Small, VP International at PSI says: “In a world that is constantly changing in unpredictable ways, organisations require many of their employees, particularly leaders, to perform in ‘all-weathers’. At PSI we strongly believe, candidates need to be tested and selected based upon their abilities to adapt to certain conditions and crucially their willingness to learn in new environments under challenging circumstances. Creating an immersive experience that takes individuals outside of established comfort zones is an engaging way of measuring how they respond and behave to both ambiguous information and the unpredictable behaviour of those around them.”

PSI’s assessment and development centre methodology is globally recognised as ‘best in class’. Known for its expertise in designing tests that measure behaviour alongside cognitive and numerical ability, the company is always looking for ways to make its assessments unique and relevant to the changing demands of work. The escape room concept provides the perfect backdrop to carry out assessments to gather data that gives an accurate prediction of the performance and potential of each candidate. When an assessment centre is designed to be multi-activity, accuracy and fairness can be increased and candidate experience is hugely more positive once an immersive activity is included.

Zoltan Papp, CEO at clueQuest says: “We are very excited about bringing the live escape room environment into the formal assessment arena. Ten years ago, you wouldn’t have thought future CEOs could be identified in this way but today, companies want to push the boundaries and reflect the creativity they see as core to their business in the way they recruit staff. But, this isn’t about ‘doing something different to be different’. The assessment experience designed for the escape room can encompass many core competencies such as working under pressure, influencing others, and teamwork. The environment is conducive to helping people drop their interview persona and highlights core personality facets and capabilities, essential to finding the right talent for your business. We are pleased to be able to provide candidates with an experience that connects them to their future employer in such a positive way. Getting ahead in today’s business world, often requires the confidence to be creative and do things differently!”

PSI delivers 13 million assessments globally each year. PSI Talent Measurement solutions enable organisations to identify and select the highest performing human capital across the widest range of job roles. Our unique blend of scientifically proven assessment content, market leading technology and our extensive knowledge and expertise, ensure we deliver selection methods that drive individual and organisational effectiveness.

clueQuest is a live ‘escape the room challenge’ in which participants have 60 minutes to escape from a locked environment using teamwork, communication and logic to gather clues and solve their way out. With over 150,000 customers having experienced the missions, clueQuest is currently the UK’s favourite live escape game.