Iraq: Global Terrorism and Violations of Justice and Human Rights

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Several international organizations have learned that a number of Human Rights violations have been reported within the Middle East since 2003, including within Iraq.

Reports suggest that a number of Iraqi nationals are reporting gross violations of Human Rights laws, with many claiming the Iraqi judicial process is failing its citizens.

Thaar Majeed Hassan AL_Taiey, an educated Iraqi National with an MSc in Computer Engineering, claims to be a victim of such failures in the judicial process by the Supreme Judicial Council and the Iraqi Ministry of Justice.

In 2006, Thaar claims terrorists attempted to kill him by opening fire on his workplace in Baghdad. He and his family of 30 people have continued to be threatened, and in 2011, terrorists were successful in killing his sister.

In 2012, he was targeted by a bomb in which other people in his community were either killed or seriously injured.

In 2011-2017, the criminals also made several attempts to kill him, his mother, aged 70, and several members of his family.

Mr AL_Taiey filed lawsuits with the Supreme Judicial Council and the Iraqi Ministry of Justice, penal 4989 seq. 3825 and 7599 seq. 3838 in Jun. 28, 2016, and 124 seq. 1061 in Feb. 21, 2016. He claims the council dismissed his case without any investigation and colluded with the criminals in the process. As a result, he filed multiple complaints and received local press and media coverage about his case.

Thaar’s story has been picked up internationally, and has received views of over 35 million on Twitter @thaar and 4 million on Facebook @faristaie, Instagram @thaar_altaiey, and YouTube @Thaar taiey.

He subsequently wrote to the Iraqi Judicial Supervisory Board in 2016 but his case is failing to progress (penal kt/84/2016 on May 08, 2016). That is despite this body concluding that major legal errors had been committed by the Court and the Federal Court of Cassation as the crimes by the defendents had been proven, but not acted upon by the court to pursue.

Reported failures in the Iraqi Judicial system are not uncommon, with organisations like Human Rights Watch claiming that the Iraqi Judicial system has been broken for many years.

The failure to apply the law by the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council and to leave criminals unpunished has led to international criticism and speculation that others will commit crimes, leading to the rise of criminal activity on an international scale, including global terrorism.

Standing by the correct application of the law will reflect positively on all countries of the world and will save many innocent people. This is the real responsibility of the media: to stand with truth, justice, and human rights, by continuously highlighting such issues. 

Thaar Majeed Hassan holds a Master degree (MSc) in Computer Engineering (MSSE), Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) and ITIL Certificate. He has more than 22 years of experience in the Automated System fields, and he is the author of a number of technical papers and books. He also holds a number of Certificates in the international Justice from Geneva Centre. He owns @thaar, @faristaie, @thaar_altaiey, and @Thaar taiey accounts to enforce law, justice and human rights in IRAQ.