OPEN HCM launches its innovative ITS (Indoor Tracking System) to enhance retailers’ efficiency

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Open HCM, an integrated Human Capital Management solutions provider, has launched a unique Indoor Tracking System aimed at staff, visitors or any physical objects positioning within commercial premises. The system was first released at last month’s Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE).

Based on iBeacon or UWB technology, OPEN ITS is able to share analytical data on the fly or compose end-day reports depending on tasks. Its options also include shoppers’ routes tracking, marketing surveys, in-store navigation and targeted promos due to integration with retailer mobile app.

The system has already received a positive feedback for its flexible configuration, precise positioning, friendly user interface, reporting customization, fast system deployment and flawless integration into existing ecosystem. For retail segment OPEN ITS means a 3% increase in average purchase amount, 20% increase in operations efficiency due to employee discipline control, more precise task management and business processes optimization based on system analytics. The system can perform as an effective business tool not only for retail marketing executives, but also for HR, Security & Safety Departments.

“Consumers continue to cut costs in response to the global economic crisis. According to the recent Allianz Global Wealth report, which puts the asset and debt situation of households in more than 50 countries under microscope, it seems that the best years are a thing of the past: global financial assets climbed by 4.9% in 2015, just a whisker above the growth rate of economic activity. Following the households retail chains are also obliged to cut costs. The good news is that crisis usually becomes the force for companies’ progress giving them opportunities to improve business systems and sometimes even strengthen the organization. And first of all, it means using cost effective and innovative solutions,” Andrei Novoselov, OPEN HCM Managing partner, says.

According to OPEN HCM market research, HCM solutions provide for up to 5% cost optimization, 78% employee productivity increase, 26% revenue per employee growth and up to 40% staff turnover decrease. A fully integrated solution under one umbrella can help to meet such tasks as labor budgeting, access security & attendance control, time and attendance, workforce and talent management.

All these solutions, including access security & attendance control system, timetable accounting and innovative palm vein/ fingerprint authentication system; talent management and workforce management solutions, were also presented at OPEN HCM exhibit booth at RBTE. First time ever the company also presented a number of start-up projects comprising Intelligence Retail and Cargo on-line solutions.

“The total amount of investment in technologies related to retail got a significant boost within the last two years and reached $2.3 USD. In line with production, logistics and hospitality business, retailers realized that innovative solutions are the only way to develop effectively but still the optimization trend makes many of them lose momentum. According to recent PwC’s Total Retail survey, in 2017 retailers face one of the most competitive environments in decades. 30% of them mark budget constraints among the greatest challenges they face, Andrei Novoselov, OPEN HCM Managing partner, says. Regarding such complex business environment OPEN HCM strategy is aimed at providing effective solutions for fair price that help companies in reaching their targets within the shortest time span and allow to measure the results in certain financials,” he adds.

OPEN HCM provides unique integrated Human Capital Management solutions for your business.

OPEN HCM gives customers end-to-end solutions for staff efficiency enhancement, workload optimization and cost reduction that in total have significant financial impact on their business. Whether customers require a fully integrated solution under one umbrella or a stand-alone solution, OPEN HCM provides unrivaled choice and flexibility for all its tools.

OPEN HCM solutions comprise innovative Indoor Tracking system, workforce management solutions, biometrics tools and talent management solutions.

The company continuously develops its partners’ network that now includes a number of leading European integrators.