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DocShifter, an integrated server transformation platform that converts any digital document or data source to any file format, including text, image, audio and video, has released DocShifter 6.0, a new platform with improved Docgen, validation suite, and HI-FI module for users. With the newly unveiled update, DocShifter 6.0 will now provide people with one centralized solution, fully integrated into any Content Management System (CMS), allowing automated format transformations.

As a comprehensive document compliance software solution, DocShift offers additional features such as digital sealing, format identification, high-fidelity conversion, content compression, audio to text, long term data storage, HTML 5 for validation, and many more. The platform is also compatible with an extensive list of client and server source systems.

“With our new 6.0 version, several backend features have been refurbished, including an update to Java 1.8 and a service system update,” said Frederik Rosseel, Founder and Owner of DocShifter. “Overall, the entire performance of the platform has been improved by replacing Open MQ by rabbitMQ, the new industry standard for advanced message queuing, as well as updating the scheduler system. Altogether, the updates lead to faster task checking, and more streamlined productivity for our clients.”

As part of the re-launch, DocShifter 6.0’s Docgen module now automatically merges metadata into one consolidated document. With this update, users can now generate letters, contracts, and other official documents from batch data. Additionally, the improved validation suite module performs a health and virus check on documents, including the comparison of the file extension to the real file format. Lastly, with the enhancement of the HI-FI module, users will now have an easy-to-use conversion solution transforming text-documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to ICH compliant quality documents in PDF format.

“This newly enhanced document platform is now able to process large volumes of documents and reduce the risk of manual processing errors,” said Rosseel. “With DocShifter 6.0, we’re providing an all-in-one solution that is going to improve productivity, convenience, and organization for any type of requirement. Spread the word, and consider checking out the new-and-improved benefits today.”

The packaging and the installation for the product have also been improved, stated Rosseel. DocShifter 6.0 is equipped with Nalpeiron, paving the way for advanced licensing system integration upon module level.

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