Kalahari Unveils kACE2 Rate Manager

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kACE2 Rate Manager is a highly scalable, centralised and cost-effective solution for syncronising and publishing best quality, real-time data across asset classes and time zones and without trader intervention.

Kalahari (www.kalahari.co.uk), a specialised data management, pricing analytics, and publishing software house for the financial markets, today announced the release of kACE2 Rate Manager. kACE2 Rate Manager is targeted at financial markets organisations who require a solution to control the quality of inbound and outbound real-time market rates and seamlessly integrate with existing systems. kACE2 Rate Manager provides a fully automated process of collection, cleansing, validation and publishing of best quality clean rates – across all asset classes and all time zones – and without the need for trader / human intervention.

The solution is highly scalable and therefore capable of meeting the business data volumes of both niche and universal financial markets organisations and is priced based on number of assets and content used.

kACE2 Rate Manager seamlessly manages multiple sources of real-time data and aggregates these according to rules and controls established by the institution and as the business dictates, before publishing to external and internal targets, including: E-trading platforms, third-party dealing systems, risk management, back and middle office systems, market data vendors and internal sales desks.

Today’s legacy IT systems are inevitably being tested by the increased speed with which data must be processed and published. In addition, the introduction of complex products, the focus on risk management, and the regulatory demands for transparency are all driving the need for improvements in front to mid-office data operations. Human intervention is still commonplace, leading to errors, time delays and lack of confidence in market rates.

kACE2 Rate Manager enables organisations to control the accuracy and usability of their data at point of entry – or at any point of data exchange, before synchronising, validating and publishing-out accurate data to internal or external customers. The technology’s sophisticated data aggregation module ensures the quality of inbound data can be guaranteed, therefore ensuring accurate and consistent pricing and consequently enhanced data transparency.

The technology allows for multiple processes such as data cleansing, snapshots and auditing. The publishing capabilities facilitate rate controls and differentiated contributions to multiple targets, allowing each target to have its own skew and spread. Permission and archiving can be carried out on the publishing-only data. The product’s sophisticated publishing rules are especially designed for e-trading platforms and sales desks.

kACE2 Rate Manager supports multiple gateways, including: Reuters SFC-SSL, Reuters RFA, Bloomberg B-Pipe, IMD Connect, Caplin DataSource API, DDE & Platform One for subscription and Reuters RFA (managed publishing contributor server), Bloomberg MPF, IBM MQ Series, Caplin DataSource API, DDE & Platform One for publishing.

Graham Mansfield, managing director of Kalahari said, “Speed and accuracy are fundamental to stay ahead of the competition in the fast moving markets. kACE2 Rate Manager is an ideal solution for controlling and enhancing a company’s critical price data across the institution. By embedding kACE2 Rate Manager’s rich functionality, companies can apply their own rules and controls and dictate how they cleanse, aggregate and verify inbound data from any number of different sources per currency/asset at one time, and regardless of the complexity of their existing systems infrastructure. With today’s regulatory demands presenting increased challenges on existing IT systems, kACE2 Rate Manager will help meet the data transparency requirements and restore stakeholder confidence, now and in the future.”

“kACE2 Rate Manager encompasses the Kalahari tradition of high performance systems for financial markets organisations.” Mansfield continued.

kACE2 Rate Manager Functional Highlights:

Inbound Data Aggregation

*15+ separate sources per currency/asset can be aggregated at one time;

*Aggregation can be applied on a ‘Per Tenor’ basis and/or ‘Source’ basis;

*Live dealing prices can be used as a reference or over-ride, ie. Dealing 3000, EBS, etc.);

*Weightings can be applied to individual sources;

*Start and end times can be set for individual sources;

*Sophisticated aggregation rules functionality;

*Ability to take sources from multiple market data vendors;

*Comparison of theoretical prices against market prices;

*Blending of theoretical prices with live prices.


*Multiple publishing targets supported (ie. E-Trading platforms, Third-Party Dealing systems, Back & Middle office systems, Market data vendors and Internal sales desks);

*Ability to skew and spread individual targets as groups or individual tenors;

*Sophisticated publishing rules;

*Publishing of Discount Factor Curves to middle office system.

kACE2 Rate Manager gives financial institutions the advantage of low impact migration from existing price-only architecture to pricing-plus data sales and distribution. Keeping their existing processes intact, it allows the firms trading desks to use their systems much as before. Modifications are made to desk models to provide clean data for publishing, acquiring market data from various sources within the organisation, such as spreadsheets and in-house pricing systems, and push prices into its publishing hub in real-time. The system then synchronises and distributes the best quality data to the firm’s customers via one or more data targets.

More information on kACE2 Rate Manager can be found at http://www.kalahari.co.uk/products/rate-manager/

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Kalahari is a specialised data management, pricing analytics, and data publishing software house for the financial markets. For more than 20 years, Kalahari has been delivering real-time analytics to trading rooms around the world. Our products are tailored for financial market professionals working in the money, foreign exchange, fixed income, emerging and energy markets and are trusted by some of the world’s leading institutions to help drive trading decisions across the markets. Our products have a reputation for accuracy, scalability and ease of use. Additional information about Kalahari is available at www.kalahari.co.uk.