Firstcall highlight the point of no return… is it time for a new boiler?

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Letting go of old faithful is hard, but an Edinburgh firm are at hand to let you know when it is time to get a new boiler.

When a boiler is beyond the point of repair, it may well be just as cost effective to invest in a complete replacement boiler . Similarly to getting a new car, one which is well cared for will keep its value and efficiency. Most households will achieve 10-15 years from their boiler before problems start to arise; of course this estimation is highly dependent on usage and servicing.

When a boiler starts to deteriorate and doesn’t give you the reliability of control over your heating – timers lose flexibility/ no thermostat; a brand new boiler may be the best option. Not only do new boilers provide control, reliability and consistency but heating bills see a chop too.

Other reasons to consider getting a new boiler include – if your boiler is on the floor as opposed to being wall mounted. Wall mounted boilers are likely to be much more energy efficient, so it is of great importance to consider this change in such situation.

G-rated boilers guzzle energy and so it is a great idea to replace it for an upgraded A- rated boiler where massive savings are likely to be made. There are ways of finding out the energy efficiency of boilers by following the link to However, more often than not, the ratings are displayed on boilers themselves.

It may also be of use for owners to take note that when selling up houses, renovating homes and adding in a new energy efficient boiler will add value to your property. When selling a property, many owners may not want to spend thousands on a new central heating system therefore going for an ideal logic as opposed to the leading brand Worcester proves just as efficient and recommended. Firstcall Home Assist are happy to issue customers with varied quotes in order to find the price which fits.

Please note that before rushing to purchase a new boiler there are plenty more steps to take in order to reduce heating costs without the crazy costs. The heating, insulation, lighting and renewable experts at Firstcall encourage that there are many other cheap ways to cut down on energy bills such as upgrading lights to energy efficient ones or ensuring good loft insulation within a property. The small things really do mount up so take all necessary steps to eradicate unnecessary high fuel bills.

As seen on BBC and established over 10 years ago, Firstcall work across the central belt of Scotland investing in expert staff to provide customers with fantastic new energy measures. Worcester accredited, Green deal approved and fully educated in government energy schemes… why look any further?

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