Xovis starts strategic partnership with Watcom Group

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 Xovis today announced that it has started a strategic partnership with  Watcom Group , a people flow analysis pioneer in Russia since 1999. This cooperation ensures a competent and well-trained local solution provider for the accurate and reliable Xovis PC series 3D counting and tracking sensors portfolio in the retail market in Russia.

Swiss quality comes to Russia: Xovis starts strategic partnership with Watcom Groupca

“The cooperation with Xovis fits well into the company strategy, as our company is always looking for the most high-tech and accurate solutions that are an inseparable part of our unique product Shopping Index and our analytical system focus.” said Roman Skorohodov, Watcom Group President.

”Xovis has developed a 3D people counter with cutting edge video processing and high quality specifications at lower costs than comparable solutions. Along with the improvement of the counting technology in terms of accuracy and reliability, we also care about minimizing delivery risks and doing the best we can to offer high quality service to our clients. In this respect Xovis provides us professional training and support in order to continuously improve Watcom’s service quality.”

David Studer, Xovis CEO, comments: “We are happy about the partnership with Watcom Group, the leader in footfall analytics in Russia, thus expanding our presence in this region. This supports our goal to establish the PC series sensors as a worldwide industry standard for people counting and tracking. We are looking forward to a long-term and fruitful partnership.”

Xovis is a Swiss high-tech company incorporated in 2008. Xovis develops and commercializes systems and sensors for people counting and tracking and similar applications.  Xovis is the worldwide technology leader in passenger flow analysis and waiting time measurements in airports. More than 20 of the major airports worldwide trust in the Xovis 3D technology today.

Watcom Group is a federal integrator of cutting edge technologies on the Russian market that helps to increase business effectiveness of shopping centers and retail. Watcom Group is an expert and recognized leader and in footfall analysis market since 1999.