The Rocky Fire is Knocking out California forests. What are the odds?

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Like clockwork, California wildfires are taking their toll on the arid Northern Californian terrain. This year’s sweltering summer has spawned over 11 different fires, all as of yet uncontained, with the largest one being dubbed ‘Rocky’ by firefighters for its relentlessness and resilience.

Rocky, burning since July 29, has taken advantage of the last 4 years of drought and current 100 degree temperatures to burn through over 65,000 acres (and counting) of Californian landscape just north of wine country.

Until now the fire has destroyed 24 homes, 26 outbuildings and three structures. It is currently threatening over 6,000 homes dispersed throughout nearby rural areas. 

California officials have ordered more than 13,000 people to evacuate their homes, impacting over 5,500 residents. 

“Usually we don’t put up odds for natural disasters, but because of the extensive media coverage the Rocky Fire has received lately, there have been a flood of requests from players asking for odds on things like ‘How many fire trucks will be needed to put out the fire?’ or ‘How many people will be needed in the end to put the blaze out?’”, said’s oddsmaker, Verny Bernard.

Here’s one of the current wildfire related odds up at


FROM 105,000 OR LESS ACRES+1000

FROM 105,001 TO 140,000 ACRES+500

FROM 140,001 TO 175,000 ACRES+200

FROM 175,001 TO 210,000 ACRES+165

FROM 210,001 TO 245,000 ACRES+175

FROM 245,001 TO 280,000 ACRES+450

“Another request came from a retired meteorologist who wanted Over/Under odds on things like total acres burned. We took this into consideration and actually added the lines for this prop. I guess that’s something only a former weatherman would have thought of, but now we have to consider these things also in order to satisfy our players’ needs and wants”, concluded Bernard.

Verny Bernard is the head oddsmaker for operating out of Costa Rica. Bernard specializes in Proposition or ‘Prop’ bets which are usually current events and pop culture focused. For more Rocky Fire odds visit