Scottish Government launches energy saving initiative to save consumers HEEPS when buying boilers

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The option of an interest free loan has now become available to all home owners through HEEPs. The programme allows up to £3,000 to be borrowed for the cost of a new boiler.

Not only does HEEPs offer an interest free loan, but they have launched a great cash back scheme too. HEEPs allows cash back for properties undergoing efficient energy measures with council tax band rating between A-C and a brilliant incentive of £500 back when a new boiler is installed. Additional cash back is available too, such as £400 when insulation is carried out.

Firstcall Home Assist are a Scottish supplier who are Government registered and can provide new boilers and all the paper work to allow claims under the HEEPs scheme. Firstcall core policy that actively looks for ways to bring customers the most cost effective way to benefit from energy efficiency measures fits perfectly with the HEEPS scheme. The scheme means consumers don’t have to miss out on the reduced costs that come from energy measures like insulation, new boilers, and renewables.

Kerry Leishman from Firstcall Home Assist customer services stated: “With this Government scheme the Scottish Government are practically paying for your home upgrades. The scheme is on a first come first server, so it’s important you act not if you want to be sure to access these savings.”

Kerry when on to say: “It costs nothing to contact us, and we will discuss the scheme with you to help you understand if you qualify.”

Firstcall Home Assist are the energy savings experts working across Scotland, bringing energy efficient measures to homeowners, landlords, business and social housing associations. Firstcall Home Assist was the first company in Scotland to have been awarded Energy Savings Trust Advisor accreditation. The company has a commitment to helping customers save on energy bills, reduce carbon emissions and is a Worcester accredited installer.

Paul Greaves MD of Firstcall Home Assist stated: “With the rising costs of energy bills and the commitment by Scottish Government to reduce carbon emissions, we invest in our staff to make sure they are fully accredited and educated in the energy schemes and funding available to customers.”

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