Oxxygen Marketing: From Classroom to Boardroom!

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INSEEC University Bordeaux recognises the growing importance of English as an essential skill for their students, who will soon venture out into the global marketplace. Even more crucial is bridging the gulf between theoretical studies and the very real world of business.

The late Nelson Mandela once said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head but if you talk to him in his language it goes to his heart.”  Only with this type of cultural understanding will students be prepared to become true global leaders in the international community.

seMax Jenvey is one of the many exceptional professors at INSEEC University, a business school with five campuses spread over France, UK and the USA.  Max lectures at the London institute, and uses his field experience as the founder of Oxxygen Marketing Partnership bringing courses to life. This December Jenvey travelled to INSEEC’s Bordeaux headquarters and delivered a three day International Business seminar entirely in English.

As a London based entrepreneur, Max brings a unique cultural and practical perspective to the classroom bridging the gulf between theory and what really happens in everyday business.

Throughout the seminar, students learn to think critically, logically, and diplomatically about the world in which we live. Challenged with real-world application of course material, and immersed in the language of the visiting strategic marketing professional. In this way, students emerge with a deeper understanding and awareness of international business, culture and how to deliver revenue – an intangible, yet critical skill for future leaders in international markets.

In today’s global economic community, the ability to foster mutual understanding and relate to one another is an essential skill graduates must possess.  Jenvey is passionately committed to supporting bright, young professionals reaching far beyond the classroom; offering networking, internships, coaching and personal development but to name a few.

Max said, “It is a real honour and privilege to work with bright young minds, we hope that in some small way we help our students to understand the value of what they’ve learned in the classroom and put it into practical use in the boardroom through the use of KPIs, the Balanced Score Card to Business and working as an effective team to achieve corporate goals and objectives.”

Bridging the gap between academic knowledge and real world application in an ever increasing competitive market is the only way to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate how to add value.

In Jenvey’s class, students focus on the results they achieve rather than talking about what they are good at.

Oxxygen is a strategic marketing business accelerator founded in 2004 with the sole aim of supporting business growth with boundless energy and enthusiasm. We believe in blending sound business solutions with creative flair and effective communications that drive businesses to sustainable growth and improved customer satisfaction and recognition

Groupe INSEEC has been one of the first French business schools to give an international dimension to its programs. With locations in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Monaco, London, Chicago, New York and Beijing , the Group combines all the possibilities offered by large cities in a dynamic, friendly environment.

Supported by a network of 200 partner universities, Groupe INSEEC offers its students many opportunities for dual degrees or academic exchanges worldwide, and offers its students a multicultural and multilingual education. With INSEEC’s worldwide network of partner companies, it enables students to get internships and assignments abroad. Year after year, Groupe INSEEC has ranked highest among groups of French Higher Education.