Wearable Tech That Banishes Those Winter Blues

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Does dragging yourself out of bed on a cold, dark winter morning feel like an act of supreme will? You’re not alone.

pictureEveryone is bound to experience a “blue period” once in a while — especially during the long, dark winter months — but roughly 4 to 6 per cent of people suffer from winter blues – and its consequences: sluggishness, lack of energy, sleeping longer hours but not feeling well rested, and perhaps worst of all, an increased need for sweets and subsequent weight gain.

In severe cases, doctors may even diagnose individuals with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or winter depression, which requires treatment to prevent symptoms from worsening or becoming chronic.

Luckily, there’s light at the end of this gloomy tunnel — literally. Light therapy, or exposing an individual’s eyes to brighter light for short periods of time on a regular basis, has been proven to dispel winter doldrums. But who has time to sit in front of a bulky, 10,000-lux light box for 20-30 minutes at a time?

Enter SEQINETIC: a pair of ‘reverse sunglasses’ that showers your brain with the light it craves, priming your biological clock and boosting your energy levels. Styled to fit like an ordinary pair of sunglasses, SEQINETIC uses a special reflector to bathe your eyes in the light of 6 high-yield LED (light-emitting diodes). Compact and lightweight, SEQINETIC’s 2,500-lux power has been shown to be just as potent a light source as cumbersome light boxes… but its true selling point is convenience.

No more sitting still while you wish you were going about your busy morning routine. No more counting the minutes until you can get on with your day.

With SEQINETIC, you can sip your coffee, update your Facebook status or even work out, all while your body gets the light it needs to rev up properly. No time to “catch some rays” in the a.m.? Take SEQINETIC with you and make it up on the way to work. SEQINETIC is small enough to tuck neatly away in a pocket or purse.

And now, SEQINETIC is launching its most advanced model yet!

Nearly a dozen improvements have been implemented to make SEQINETIC 3.0 even more efficient and easy to use. “Our LED light source is one of the most efficient of its kind,” explains Soren Jensen from Heveas, the Danish company behind SEQINETIC. “We want every aspect of SEQINETIC to match that superior quality.”

Thanks to full funding via Kickstarter, SEQINETIC has been able to provide thousands of customers all over the world with a practical, cost-effective solution for the winter blues. In fact, jet setters in places in places as far-flung as Los Angeles, California and Sydney, Australia have begun using SEQINETIC to combat jet lag!

As is so often the case, SEQINETIC was invented out of necessity. Jensen explains: “As Scandinavians, we were all too familiar with winter blahs… but there was no effective, affordable option on the market.”

Until now! Visit www.seqinetic.com