Institute Hires Matteo Zardoni as Senior Trading Mentor

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The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management has today announced yet another significant addition to their global trading operation with the hiring of proprietary trader Matteo Zardoni as a Senior Trading Mentor.

Matteo Zardoni has enjoyed a successful eleven year career as a Professional Trader. After graduating with a degree in Finance from The University of Turin, Matteo was hired by Maple Bank in Milan initially as a Research Analyst within the European Volatility Strategies and Long/Short group with the main objective to generate a constant flow of high quality trade ideas to the group’s traders.

During this time Matteo also completed a second degree in Economics at the University of Bologna. After a successful three years as a research Analyst Matteo joined Maple’s Proprietary Trading group (where he has worked for the last 8 years) with a Long / Short and “Special Situations” mandate.

Matteo now joins the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management ( as a Senior Trading Mentor.

Matteo’s role at the Institute will involve mentoring Institute Traders on the official Institute Mentoring Programme after students have graduated from completing the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Video Series. Matteo will be helping Institute Traders to realise their objectives in becoming consistently profitable long-term and to help build their track records.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Institute managing partner Anton Kreil made the following statement: “After eight years of consecutive positive annual returns, Matteo has proved to be a valuable asset to Maple and we are privileged that he is joining the Institute as a Senior Trading Mentor. Matteo will be a great Mentor to our students who will continue to learn an incredible amount under his tutelage and guidance in the financial markets.”

The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management continues to build its global franchise, educating Retail Traders into consistent profitability via online education and personally-tailored Mentoring Programmes.

Applications for the Institute’s Official Mentoring Programme with Matteo Zardoni must be made via the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management website by clicking, here.

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Anton Kreil is a former-Goldman Sachs trader who now runs the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management.