Ramadan Phone app zooms to top of Google Play Store

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Carib Publishing’s RAMADAN PHONE 2014 has been the most downloaded Android app on Google’s Playstore of 2014 in the Ramadan category, a few days since it was launched, developers announced today.

According to Google Playstore data, the RAMADAN PHONE 2014 app was downloaded in the thousands in just a span of a week. The app has been heavily featured and highly rated among tech industry veterans and outlets, as the most comprehensive, innovative and qualitative app offering available. As a result of its massive success, Carib Pulishing CEO Andreas Roell announced the “always on” app experience will now accessible for free, allowing Muslims around the world to experience the patented technology aimed at giving users a richer Ramadan experience.

“The feedback has just been overwhelming,” said Roell, who spearheaded a team of developers from the UAE, US, India and Italy in designing the revolutionary Android application.

Now, anyone can freely download the RAMADAN PHONE 2014 app, with the developers aiming to make it the most downloaded religions app of on Google Playstore this year.

“This is the first in a series of themed experiences we will be developing in the next few months,” added Roell.

Those interested in downloading the app can visitwww.ramadanphone.com or directly from Google Playstore by searching for RAMADAN PHONE 2014.