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Starting this month all the pharmacies in Australia can access ”Nasodren®: a new approach to Rhinosinusitis”, a course offered by iTherapeutics.

Nasodren® brings you a new opportunity to obtain up to 100 iRewards. Complete the education module to become an expert in Rhinosinusitis! After finishing this course you will be awarded a certificate as a Rhinosinusitis specialist and up to 100 iRewards for the first 500 completions.

Are you hearing an increasing number of complaints about a lingering cold that never goes away? Do you hear testimonials like “I’m sick of being blocked up so much” “It feels like I have mucus, but nothing comes out”, etc.?  Sound familiar? Do you know how to identify the difference between a common cold, rhinitis and rhinosinusitis?

Completing the online course “Nasodren®: a new approach to rhinosinusitis”, which has been specially developed for pharmacists and their assistants, you will learn how to recognize Rhinosinusitis symptoms. This module will help you to detect different types of sinus problems and you will become a specialist in the field, treating a pathology that is currently affecting millions of people.

This free online course is an interesting, comprehensive education module that offers up to 100 irewards to the first 500 pharmacy staff to complete the questionnaire and 50 rewards to the following participants who finish.

In addition, all certified pharmacists will receive the diploma: Expert in Rhinosinusitis.

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The sinus situation

More than three million Australians suffer from chronic rhinosinusitis and each year more than 400,000 people suffer an acute episode of rhinosinusitis in Australia. Unfortunately, nowadays there are no treatments that meet consumers’ needs.

The inflammation of nasal mucosa is called rhinitis and inflammation of paranasal sinus mucosa is called sinusitis. Rhinitis and sinusitis can coexist, and therefore this condition is called rhinosinusitis.

The inflammation of paranasal mucosa leads to an accumulation of mucus and an increased sensation of nasal congestion, as well as facial pain associated with a protracted common cold.

Patients with rhinosinusitis mainly suffer symptoms such as nasal congestion, nasal discharge, facial pain, as well as reduction or loss of smell. Sufferers confuse these long-lasting symptoms with a common cold that never completely goes away. But when the cold lasts for more than 10 days and some of these symptoms remain, or worsen, it is called rhinosinusitis.

In spite of the many treatments available on the market (decongestants, saline solutions, nasal steroids, mucolytics and even antibiotics) patients are unable to get rid of these symptoms, resulting in very poor quality of life. The fact is that rhinosinusitis is a relatively unknown, badly treated condition that affects more than 10% of the Australian population.

Nasodren® nasal spray, which contains lyophilized extract of Cyclamen europaeum tubers, only needs to be used once a day to provide immediate 24 hour relief from rhinosinusitis symptoms. Nasodren® is a natural treatment with a unique mechanism of action that leads to the evacuation of accumulated mucus, thus cleaning the sinuses, mitigating sinus pain and getting rid of the congestion from its very first application.

Nasodren® effectiveness and safety have been documented in 29 clinical studies conducted in several countries (EEUU, Germany, Spain, Russia etc.)

What are you waiting for? Take this comprehensive online course and be the first expert treating Rhinosinusitis in your pharmacy!


Nasodren®: a new approach to Rhinosinusitis.

Nasodren® is a product of Hartington Pharma LTD, a company founded on the highest standards of innovation and excellence in 1996, dedicated to biotechnological research, specialized in the development and production of products derived from natural substances that aim to improve people’s quality of life.