Lilia Nash Jewellery Launches Design Your Own Ring

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What is it that makes an engagement ring perfect? Is it the size of the stone, a matching of style and taste, or something else?

Lilia Nash believes that it is in finding a ring that is totally unique, that can’t be found in any store, and where both bride and groom have been involved choosing every single element. It’s for this reason she has launched her Design Your Own Ring service.

Jewellery designer Lilia Nash specialises in designing wedding and engagement rings using ethical gold and silver and fair-trade gemstones, with a bespoke service which has always enabled the customer to be involved.

Now she has taken this a stage further with Design Your Own Ring , by allowing the customer to begin the process by selecting a loose gemstone from the gemstones that she holds in stock, then their preferred design, setting and gold colour.  Guidance is given on the types of stones, sizing, weight, and price bracket for each stage of the process, either via email or in person with Lilia over the telephone.  

This service is available on her website at

Lilia Nash says: “Our customers always want as much involvement as possible in creating their wedding and engagement rings as they are so personal, so I decided to take this right down to the gemstone selection itself to make this a totally individual process from the start”.

Lilia Nash founded her eponymous jewellery design company in 2003, after completing a Master’s Degree in Economics. Having a lifetime love for natural gemstones, combined with an eye for design, she decided to put these traits to good use whilst expecting her second child.   Meeting with an enthusiastic response to her hand-made designs created from ethical gold and silver and incorporating fair-trade gemstones, she continued in this field and developed the business Lilia Nash Jewellery to where it is today.