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In time for the 2014 Dafabet Snooker World Championship, the release of JOHN VIRGO’S FREE SNOOKER TRICKSHOT APP, available on the Apple App Store and Android Market.

High-quality entertainment. A groundbreaking Snooker App that is a must for anyone, whether or not they play snooker. iVirgo is here!

John Virgo – BBC Snooker Commentator, UK Championship Winner and Co-Presenter of Multi Award Winning Big Break – has released his amazing new Trick Shot App (

FREE to download now for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

There are 45 trick shots. Each with written description, diagram and video clip.

You will learn snooker techniques including how to cue, understand angles, jump and spin the cue ball.

The FREE Download contains two introductory trick shots from JV and an amazing banana shot from Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins.

Further editions available for in-app purchase are only £0.69p per bundle of 3 trick shots and only £3.99 per bundle of 21 trick shots.

Edition 14 is the Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins Special Edition. Amazing Value. 

SEND JV YOUR TRICKSHOTS – JV will share your trick shot video clips on Twitter, Facebook & Youtube. Twitter: @jvofficialjv. Facebook: 

Watch the app promo video at