Aporta Digital kick off will revolutionise on board infotainment!

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A solid team of experienced digital media pioneers have invented a new concept that will change the way we consume media on board buses and trains in the future.

Aporta DigitalThe concept called AiO (All in One) is a suite of software/hardware that enable any user on a train or bus to access rich media such as travel info, movies, music, books, games, news, sports and gossip channels without even having internet access on their personal device.

The concept ensures that passengers, via own device to a local media system facility are fully updated across many infotainment genres in any location, with or without Internet access.

As pointed out by Aporta Digital strategic partner, CEO of Focon Technology Ernest Fuller; “We are increasingly seeing that WIFI concepts between land / train is a complex matter. Even if an infrastructure is state of the art, optimal data traffic access to the Telco towers in the country side is difficult. Good user experience simply requires more stability than current WIFI technology and and Telco can provide, and this is where the AiO solution from Aporta Digital is really unique and relevant for the market.”

The AiO solution is currently deployed in different pilot settings in Europe and the CEO of Aporta Digital, Jesper Bang-Olsen is seeing a very positive reaction from the market: “We already see a lot of interest from many players. Hardware providers, bus operators, train operators and even train OEMs are interested in knowing more. We have a flexible solution and any player can benefit from our AiO concept. We supply content concept, installation and deployment that fits across the entire value chain in any market”.

Aporta Digital is headquartered in Copenhagen with offices in Budapest and Mumbai.

Aporta Digital is a one-stop shop for any transportation industry player that wants to generate revenue on digital distribution or has a need for implementing an infotainment portal to increase customer service and satisfaction. The team of Aportadigital is one of the most experienced teams within digital media concept and platform provision in Europe with more than 12 years of experience in the industry. The company is a subsidiary of Basepoint Media A/S.

FOCON is a part of Luminator Technology Group along with with our sisters, LAWO, Mobitec, Twin Vision and Luminator. Together we bring and bridge knowledge within the sectors of Bus, Rail and Aerospace which makes us a valuable partner as we thereby provide optimum solutions for our customers within each segment, taking best practise from other segments. We use group synergies as technology sharing and global/local production and service to add value to our customers.