Invitation to experience Muvizu:Play at FMX, 10am Thursday

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Digimania’s Barry Sheridan will provide a demonstration and workshop of the groundbreaking CGI movie production software, Muvizu:Play at 10am on Thursday 25th April in Raum Karlsruhe at FMX in Stuttgart, Germany.


Barry’s hour-long workshop comes as Muvizu ( is preparing to launch Muvizu:Play – which will bring the revolutionary movie-making program out of beta, and to the internet, for the first time – and for free.

At this morning demonstration, you will be able to see one of the most exciting and disruptive technologies in computer animated movie-making, with the opportunity to try it for yourself as well as interview the developers.

Muvizu (pronounced ‘Movie Zoo’) lets users direct pre-rendered characters – who lip-sync to any imported dialogue – then run, jump and even fight their way around pre-built sets, on command.

Characters are animated with a simplified set of commands allowing users to generate comedy sketches, corporate product demonstrations or mini-movies in resolutions up to HD quality.

All users need is a PC (or Mac) running Windows, a broadband connection for registration and uploading, and a 3D graphics card.  

Muvizu:Play also lets users render watermark-free videos which you can exploit commercially, and make money from, after an in-app purchase.

For anyone who used Muvizu in beta, the full ‘Play’ version features a UI that has been completely rewritten as well as a whole new suite of textures to greatly increase the range and clothing options for characters.

The BBC’s Technology programme, Click, loved the Muvizu Beta… watch their feature on it, here at 2m15s.

Muvizu is the brainchild of the animation and software teams at Digimania Ltd, based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Barry Sheridan commented: “Anyone can download and use Muvizu 3D. You no longer need to spend three years learning how to build an animation and another three months rendering it. You can learn how to use this software in a matter of minutes and have a professional-looking clip finished the same afternoon. It’s instant gratification for the internet age.”

Muvizu’s website offers tutorial videos to get users up and running, as well as advanced guides for creatives to push the software’s boundaries.