Development of augmented reality and holographic technologies: b<>com joins the LaSAR alliance

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b<>com is joining the LaSAR (Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality) alliance, a group of like-minded organizations sharing best practice, working to drive market growth and working to enable the efficient design and manufacture of augmented reality wearable devices including smart glasses and head-mounted displays. b<>com will, in particular, be lending its considerable expertise on holography technologies.


b<>com’s research in the field of augmented reality focuses on the development of the technologies necessary to create a complete digital holography chain, from generating of digital holograms to rendering and displaying them, as well as their compression for distribution and storage.


All these developments are currently being integrated into a prototype holographic augmented reality chain.


b<>com, along with the members of LaSAR, will help create the necessary conditions for the market, especially B-to-B, to adopt these digital holography technologies. It will work in particular to take into account the challenges of miniaturization related to laser sources and optical devices.

By joining this ecosystem of key players for the augmented reality market, b<>com is reaffirming its goal of positioning itself as a technology provider in the field of digital holography.


“LaSAR welcomes b<>com to the Alliance and looks forward to their contributions to building the solid foundation on which we can all drive the growth of augmented reality wearable devices through laser beam scanning solutions,” said Dr. Bharath Rajagopalan, Chair of the LaSAR Alliance and Director, Strategic Marketing at STMicroelectronics.


As a provider of holographic technologies, it is natural for b<>com to join the effort of all the technology players gathered in this alliance to ensure that the promises of augmented reality experiences can be delivered as the market expects them.” Ludovic Noblet, Director of Hypermedia at b<>com


The LaSAR Alliance was established to create an ecosystem of like-minded companies and organizations to foster and encourage the development and promotion of technologies, components, devices, techniques and solutions to enable the efficient design and manufacture of augmented reality wearable devices including smart glasses and head-mounted displays. The goal is to provide an environment to facilitate a marketplace for ideas where members can exchange and share information, collaborate and partner to create, build and grow effective and compelling LBS (Laser Beam Scanning) based solutions, share best practices and to help drive the growth of the market for augmented reality wearables in general.


b<>com is a private French innovation center that pioneers, designs and delivers technologies to companies that want to digitally boost their competitiveness. Its technologies are developed to address digital infrastructure, the cultural and creative industries, health, defence, and industry 4.0. Its experts come up with solutions in areas like 5G networks and beyond, image and audio processing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cognitive science and mixed realities.

Thanks to its world-class engineering team and its unique mix of scientific and industrial know-how, b<>com offers its clients technology innovations that make the difference. | Twitter LinkedIn | Instagram



Prototype 3D holographic headset under development at b<>com