Family lawyer comments on launch of Breakthrough Britain II

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Top London Family Lawyer Deborah Jeff comments on the Family section of the next Breakthrough Britain report by think-tank, the Centre for Social Justice…

“I attended The Centre for Social Justice (“CSJ”) today as Breakthrough Britain II was launched, a new forensic examination of the social fabric of the nation, which will report back ahead of the next general election.

One of the six sections of the report is on family breakdown, and will tackle three key areas: Understanding family breakdown, the impact of absent fathers on children’s lives and family intervention by the state.

Avril McIntyre MBE, the Chief Executive of LifeLine Projects and the spearhead of the CSJ’s assault on Family Breakdown said she “would like to see changes in the courts” where the protection of children’s welfare is concerned.

She warned around 48% of children will experience family breakdown in Britain, leading them to be raised in poverty, with side-effects including drug abuse and exclusion. Further, she said 97% of single parent households in the future will be comprised of women.

Another part of the report is on Serious Personal Debt, overseen by Chris Pont, the Chair of the consumer group Credit Action, who warned of “the danger of growing debt on families and relationships”.

Additional areas to be researched include “Educational Failure, Economic Dependency and Addiction”.

Announcing the new report, the CSJ released survey results from a poll of over 1,700 adults showing 55 per cent said at least one of their local communities is plagued by broken families, crime and poor schools.

Sixty per cent said that over the last few decades, marriage has become less important to society and resulting in a damaging effect on the country. And 89 per cent said they believed better parenting and stronger families are the key to mending the broken society.

I’ll be following the research of CSJ into family breakdown over the next two years as they progress with Breakthrough Britain II, with their findings being reported in 2014.”

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