T-post pays tribute to the late Beastie Boy Adam Yauch

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T-post isn’t like any other magazine you’ve ever seen. Instead of printing on paper they print their stories on a T-shirt, making the wearer their walking and talking billboards.

Here is T-post explained in two minutes:

Staying true to the magazine format T-post releases a new issue/T-shirt every month, with a fresh interesting article printed on the inside and the artwork it has inspired printed on the front. The result is the ultimate conversation piece. In their latest issue T-post pays tribute to the late Beastie Boy Adam Yauch aka MCA. The artwork is designed by the renowned artist Grotesk (http://www.tpostmag.com/t-shirt-issues/item/root/brooklyn-never-rests).

What began in Umea, Sweden in 2004 as a fun media experiment amongst friends and just five shirts has become a
buzz-worthy business that currently spans over more than 50 countries.

With over 77 issues under T-post’s belt, extensive coverage in the media, (Time Magazine, Wall street Journal, Esquire, Nylon, Elle and many more), and a loyal following of global subscribers and retail stores like Colette in Paris (http://www.colette.fr/#/eshop/article/31037856/t-post-t-shirtmca/120/) much of T-post’s success can be attributed to their simple mission: Spread the news.

Celebrating their success they now gives the opportunity to try T-post for free for one month – no strings attached.
(more information on: http://www.tpostmag.com/subscribe-to-t-post)

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