SOPHION and CREACELL announced today that the two companies successfully demonstrated the performances of HEK-hKir2.1 cells on QPatch HT

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SOPHION and CREACELL announced today that the two companies successfully demonstrated the performances of HEK-hKir2.1 cells on QPatch HT.

Inward rectifier potassium channels of the Kir2 subfamily are important determinants of the electrical activity of cardiac cells, and mutations of the Kir2.1 channels are associated with familial atrial fibrillation, Andersen-Tawil syndrome and short-QT syndrome.

Because human Kir2.1 is a relevant target in preclinical cardiac safety testing of drug compounds, SOPHION and CREACELL demonstrate the functionality of the CreaCell’s HEK-hKir2.1 recombinant cell line on Sophion’s automated patch-clamp system QPatch HT. Current amplitudes, IV curves, Ba2+ currents, and chloroethylclonidine dose-response curves were analysed.

“Several of our customers have asked us for a QPatch-optimized cell line expressing clinically relevant hKir2.1 ion channels,” said Dr. Morten Sunesen, VP of Customer Relations at Sophion. “We are pleased to announce the first result of this fruitful collaboration with CreaCell and our customers will benefit.”

“The synergy between our two companies is natural and allows us to satisfy client demands” said Dr. Pierre-Yves Perche, CEO at CreaCell. “At the same time, through this partnership with Sophion and its extensive network of customers, CreaCell confirms its intentions of developing its position in the worldwide market.”

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Sophion Bioscience, a leader in the automated patch clamp field, helps the pharmaceutical industry develop more and better drugs, faster. Sophion’s focus is to provide advanced products and integrated solutions for automated patch clamping. Sophion’s QPatch family of products provides high-quality patch clamp data on a truly industrial basis on all types of ion channels. Recently Sophion became part of Biolin Scientific, a Swedish materials science company providing high-tech precision instruments for research within surface-, material- and bio-science, drug discovery and diagnostic applications.

CreaCell is a Products and Services company that provides innovative cell-based solutions to the pharmaceutical industry for drug discovery and drug safety. CreaCell’s expertise is exploited in two main areas: i-CreaCell offers Licence agreement for its Ion Channel Cell Lines, ii-Through its Cell Culture Services, CreaCell offers solutions for custom development, production and characterization of recombinant cell lines. The company has established several partnerships and license agreements with world leaders in these sectors.