Foodies Festival for Discover the Origin with chef Aldo Zilli

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This weekend saw celebrity chef, Aldo Zilli at this year’s Foodies Festival for Discover the Origin at Hampton Court Palace Green – Saturday 5th May.

The campaign, which promotes five European foods and wines of provenance, featured Aldo on its stand as well as conducting a chef’s master class in how to enjoy the products.

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PDO is the Protected Designation of Origin. It officially guarantees the origin and quality of products with a history and tradition behind them. The scheme was created by the EU to protect the heritage of food and drink; ensuring imitation and often inferior products can’t be reproduced under the same name. / @DiscoverOrigin on Twitter / search ‘Discover the Origin’ on Facebook

‘Discover the Origin’ is an established European Union campaign designed to raise awareness around five Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) products:

– Burgundy Wines
– Parma Ham
– Douro Wines
– Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese
– Port

The European Union’s PDO scheme is designed to protect the heritage, character and reputation of precious food and drink; ensuring that imitation and often inferior products can’t be reproduced under the same product names, as the PDO status proves authenticity, guarantees origin and production methods.

Britain continues to relish in the ‘foodie’ revolution that has been taking hold of the nation over the past few years. Consumers are being driven by a plethora of food and cookery television programmes, social media and blogging sites to consider the importance of the provenance of their food and drink. How it has been produced? How it has been traded? And finally how it reaches the British high street and supermarket where it has been purchased from?

In response to this, the European Union and the professional industry bodies behind this campaign, are working together to raise the awareness of each specific PDO product’s origin and production process.

Highlighting the qualities of excellence, tradition, natural resources and fair production these products all share by bringing interactive tasting sessions to Food & Drink festivals and exhibitions around the British Isles.

‘Discover the Origin’ taps into the British and Irish thirst for knowledge by promoting food and drink with real provenance, demonstrating that these wonderful regional delights are a true culinary experience with flavours that cut across the traditional remits of specific country cuisines and can be used to enhance a menu or simple meal, no matter the time of day.

Discover the Origin will also be at

8 – 10 June – Taste of Edinburgh
13 – 15 July – Foodies Festival, Bristol
25 – 27 August – Foodies Festival, Oxford
21 – 23 September – York Festival of Food & Drink