Two British Soldiers charged with attempted car-theft in Kenya’s capital City.

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The two British Soldiers were arrested and charged with attempted car-theft in Nairobi , capital City of Kenya but later released after the car owner agreed to settle the matter out of court.

Declan Richard and Craig Robert were arrested on Saturday night as they drove the salon car out of a hotel in Karen ,Nairobi City.

Guards at the gate of Outer Inn in Karen area ordered them to stop but they attempted to speed off when a taxi, which was going into the compound, blocked the car.

The soldiers stopped the vehicle and jumped over the fence but one of them fell. His colleague returned and they were arrested.

The British High Commission frantic efforts to have two soldiers released failed after the Kenya police insisted that the suspect be charged accordingly.

The two soldiers were also alleged to have stolen a phone and a jacket from a packed car using a master key.

They attempted to steal from a second vehicle belonging to a Disk Jockey but were blocked.

The DJ, Clement Pragassa, recorded a statement at Karen Police Station.

Their lawyer Anthony Okulo was surprised to learn that the soldiers faced another charge of stealing a jacket and phone.

The owner of the car, Clement Pragass, however said he would withdraw the complaint.

Pragass told Nairobi Senior Principal Magistrate Catherine Mwangi that he was willing to drop the charge if the accused repaired his car.

With the new development, the prosecution requested that the case be adjourned to consult with other parties.

The court also heard that Pragass had not been paid any money to repair his car.

Mwangi said for the first charge to be dropped, the defendants must deposit the money in court.

He told Pragass to come with court assessors to pick the money on Wednesday.

Present during the hearing was John Camp, a Major in the British Army leading a contingent of British soldiers currently undertaking military training operations in Kenya.