ProMIS Files Management Information Circular in Connection with Annual General and Special Meeting of Shareholders

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ProMIS Neurosciences Inc. (TSX: PMN) (OTCQB: ARFXF) (“ProMIS” or the “Corporation”)is pleased to announce it has mailed the Notice of Notice-and-Access (the “N&A Notice”) to shareholders of record of the Corporation as of April 01, 2022, in connection with the Annual General and Special Meeting of the Shareholders (the “Meeting”) of the Corporation to be held Thursday, May 12, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. (Pacific Time). 


In compliance with securities regulations, the Corporation has also posted the N&A Notice together with the combined Notice of Annual and Special Meeting of the Shareholders and Management Proxy Circular, and the form of Proxy related to the Meeting under the Corporation’s profile at and on the Corporation’s website at


In consideration of the current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic (“COVID-19”), the Corporation will hold the Meeting online via live virtual webcast at




Meeting Matters


At the Meeting, Shareholders will be asked to consider and vote on the following:


  1. ELECTION OF DIRECTORS: To elect eight directors of the Corporation for the ensuing year.  See Election of Directors in the Circular.
  2. APPOINTMENT OF AUDITOR: To appoint the auditor of the Corporation for the ensuing year and to authorize the directors to fix the auditor’s remuneration.  See Appointment of Auditor in the Circular.
  3. AMENDMENT OF BY-LAWS:  To approve an ordinary resolution to ratify, confirm and approve amendment by the Board of Directors of the By-Laws of the Corporation to remove the Board’s option to appoint alternate directors; and to change the definition of quorum for a meeting of the Shareholders to increase quorum from one-twentieth, being five (5%) percent, to thirty-three and one-third (33 1/3%) percent of the issued Common Shares from time to time. The purpose of the amendment is to bring the Corporation’s governing constitution in line with the requirements of various major North American exchanges. See Particulars of Matters to be Acted upon – Amendment of By-Laws in the Management Proxy Circular prepared for the Meeting and filed under the Corporation’s profile at and on the Corporation’s website at


The Board of Directors of ProMIS recommends that Shareholders vote in favor of all proposed items.


ProMIS encourages shareholders to read the meeting material, which have been filed under the profile of ProMIS at and on the Corporation’s website at


ProMIS Neurosciences Inc. is a development stage biotechnology corporation focused on discovering and developing antibody therapeutics selectively targeting toxic oligomers implicated in the development and progression of neurodegenerative diseases, in particular Alzheimer’s disease (AD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Multiple system atrophy (MSA). The Corporation’s proprietary target discovery engine is based on the use of two complementary techniques. The Corporation applies its thermodynamic, computational discovery platform – ProMIS™ and Collective Coordinates – to predict novel targets known as Disease Specific Epitopes on the molecular surface of misfolded proteins. Using this unique approach, the Corporation is developing novel antibody therapeutics for AD, ALS and MSA.  ProMIS is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. ProMIS is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) under symbol PMN, and on the OTCQB Venture Market under symbol ARFXF.