enables SXSW attendees to visualize their conference experience

Technology Uncategorized, a startup that provides highly customizable data visualization for creative individuals today announces the immediate availability of a special South by Southwest festival edition of the service.

“SXSW is an intense experience. People are capturing and sharing it using services like Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Foodspotting and many more. We thought there ought be a central place that brings together everything you create during SXSW so you can show folks at home what they’re missing out on, and where you can relive all those memories in the future,” explains founder Christopher Clay., which is currently in invite-only beta, allows anyone to collect and present all their digital life under their own brand and own domain. After aggregating their contributions across dozens of web services into a central online identity, users can mash up their data, sort it and visualize it in rich and compelling ways, including among others:
– An tablet-optimized scrapbook view that supports touch gestures for navigation through a “pile” of the user’s creations
– 3D photo galleries of all their images, independent of the source service
– Their own “TV channel” of full-screen video, populated by any mixture of video sources like self-uploaded footage or favorites from YouTube
– A map that mashes up all their geocoded content from checkins to photos

The special SXSW view will lay out an attendee’s checkins, tweets, photos, videos, reviews, events and blog posts during the dates of the SXSW festival on a timeline, group related content together and provide some basic aggregate statistics about the user’s activities. The site works on both tablet devices and personal computers, making heavy use of cutting-edge HTML5 technology.

Invite requests made at will be fulfilled up to the service’s capacity starting immediately.

Users will also be invited to a meetup near the end of the conference where they can help shape the product with their feedback. The company promises to extend the view’s functionality in future updates to ensure that the SXSW visualization will be a meaningful and useful archive of attendees’ experiences.