Helping hand for new parents: New IPhone application and website keep track of the day

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Those already parents, might remember the feeling of hours, days and nights being in a blur, making it hard to remember when the little wonder last was nursed, slept or had a clean diaper…

Very simple things can be hard to remember. Especially if lack of sleep makes the brain less focused. Because of this every new mother sees herself constantly counting hours.

A different scenario is played out when daddy returns home and mummy rushes out the door to enjoy a few hours to herself. In the haste, no messages about the baby’s day are handed over, leaving daddy to guess what need to satisfy first when the crying starts.

With these situations in mind, eBabytracker was born.

eBabytracker is an application for iPhones and a website for those without an iPhone. The application helps parents keep track of their baby’s or babies’ activities during the day.

The application is very easy to use. Whenever you are nursing, putting your baby to sleep or changing the diaper, simply press the icon representing the activity and the application registers the activity together with the date and time as a kind of baby diary. The functionality is so simple that is can be done even by a drowsy parent at night.

You can even customize the application by adding actions you want to keep track of e.g vitamins, medicine, or bathing. All information are right at hand for both mum and dad and even if you need to consult health personel about your baby’s eating or sleeping patterns. But eBabytracker is not only a practical tool.

A special feature is ’the event of the day’ which makes it possible to register all the special moments during the day and even add a picture to show for it. Voila, your own personal baby diary.

The application can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store for $4.99 while the website eBabytracker is free to use for all.