RMS Services in partnership with NeutrinoBI to deliver advanced business insight to ITSM customers

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RMS Services becomes NeutrinoBI’s sole IT Service Management solutions partner, delivering a breakthrough in self-service BI search for the ITSM market.

For over two decades, RMS Services has been committed to designing and developing innovative IT management solutions that support the day-to-day processes and procedures necessary to run an effective business operation. Now featuring a new generation of self-service search technology from NeutrinoBI, the RMS Vision product will optimise customers’ existing BI investments, liberate enterprise wide data silos, and enhance daily decision-making.

Business intelligence is rapidly becoming a business critical process, providing business insights that lead to operational improvements, competitive advantage and significant cost savings. While companies have invested heavily in traditional BI provision, there’s still a way to go in making BI sufficiently accessible to support day-to-day business decision-making. Today’s business information is frequently held in silos across data warehouses, databases, and even local Excel spreadsheets. Accessing this data can take weeks of IT investment, preparing data, acquiring sources, programming search algorithms, and developing appropriate reports. Consequently vital business information remains untapped in the process of answering real-time and ad-hoc questions.

RMS Vision overcomes these challenges by combining NeutrinoBI’s powerful freeform search and discovery tool with specific ITSM functionality. It provides the RMS customer base with the capability to unify, access, and analyse all their business information in real-time for faster decision-making without cumbersome information collation, or adding to IT workloads.

David Williams, Managing Director of RMS Services explains:
“RMS Vision is particularly important for IT Service Management because it provides a step change in decision making capability, allowing customers to react more quickly to business issues. Using NeutrinoBI technology we are the only ITSM market player to provide self-service agile business intelligence.”

NeutrinoBI technology delivers freeform search that unifies data sources and opens the way for business professionals across the organisation to accelerate discoveries. Neutrino has recently launched two products for partners to OEM or license.

“It is my pleasure to announce that NeutrinoBI’s self-service search technology is delivered through the RMS Vision product. RMS Services is known for its strength as a leading solutions provider in the ITSM market, and this partnership agreement delivers the self-service BI breakthrough that many customers have been waiting for, while offering a strong endorsement of our technology.” Commented Jon Woodward, CEO NeutrinoBI

Image: David Williams of RMS (left), and Jon Woodward of neutrinoBI (right) – having signed the partnership agreement.

NeutrinoBI (www.neutrinobi.com) was set up in 2007 with a technology that has been developed from the ground-up to deliver the breakthrough in true self-service business intelligence search and discover capability that so many have been waiting for. The first ever freeform search tool, NeutrinoBI takes users from raw data to discovery in minutes, accelerating decision making for agile businesses looking to develop a competitive-edge.

It’s agile BI at its agile best.

RMS Services (www.rms.co.uk) is based in Bristol, UK and was founded in 1987. Since then it has been committed to designing, developing, and supplying innovative IT management solutions and services – RMS provides the people, processes, software and solutions to guide you through each step of the ITIL process.

RMS’ experienced business management team is comprised of successful business leaders from a range of backgrounds including Computing, Service Management and Financial markets ensuring both a deep understanding of Business Process Management (BPR), and a thorough appreciation of the challenges and limitations faced by business decision makers and IT professionals today.