Luxury Property Index French Riviera and Monaco June 2011: Property Prices Down on the French Riviera

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The Research Luxury Property Index offers a unique and independent view of the French Riviera and Monaco’s luxury property market.

The monthly index reflects the evolving prime market, and for the first time provides authoritative data for the world’s most exclusive holiday home destination. It segments the upper end of the market for apartments and villas within the Alpes-Maritimes department and Monaco, in groups of €1million to €3million, €3million to €5million, €5million to €10million, €10million to €20million and €20million and up.

                                                                 June 2011 Property Report          

The summer season is in full swing and property buyers can enjoy the sunshine as well as a recent drop in property prices along the French Riviera. The average price for a luxury property went down by 1.59% since May, and the number of properties on the market increased by 6.43% to 8576 units in the same period.
According to local Notaries and property experts June is traditionally a month with fewer transactions, and the compensation for this is made up for in July and August, which are considered the strongest sales months of the year.



  • The average price for a luxury property is down by 1.59% since May
  • Property transactions are up by 2.45% since May
  • There are 6.43% more properties on the market in June compared with May

Featured Area: VALBONNE

 Valbonne is without doubt one of the most charming villages on the French Riviera. Its fine architecture and 16th century buildings sit side by side in perfect harmony. You’ll find much to discover and enjoy here, and it’s ideal for those considering investing in property on the French Riviera. Today there are 331 properties offered for sale in Valbonne over €1m which gives a total market value of €630m. A luxury property will cost an average of €1.9 million. Here is a property close to the village for sale.