Finance enables telent’s customers to accelerate their investments in technology

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At a time when Capital Budgets are often constrained, both in the Public and Private sectors, telent has recognised that flexible and innovative financing solutions can help its customers ‘spend to save’, investing in the technology that they need to operate at optimal efficiency.

telent ( has partnered with finance providers to offer a full range of solutions to its customers. “Engaging with customers early in the procurement process allows us to develop a comprehensive understanding of technological and financial requirements. We then work collaboratively with our customers and finance partners to find a solution that best meets those requirements.” explains Matt Mosley, telent Head of Corporate Development.

telent has an excellent track record in working with customers to identify technology upgrades that will generate operational efficiencies and cost saving opportunities. Where the need for capital outlay may previously have proven prohibitive, financing can often enable investment and repayments can even be aligned to cost savings thus smoothing cash flow.

While there are many possible structures and variants, the financing solutions that telent offers broadly fit into three categories:

  • Managed Service Financing: A fixed charge over a number of years covers the refresh/upgrade and ongoing support and maintenance of your asset base. Managed service contracts provide an outsourced solution and, depending on the exact structure, this type of financing may be recognised off balance-sheet.
  • Operating Leases: The cost of the asset is spread over a number of years with the lender typically taking a residual value position on the asset. This currently allows financing to be recognised off balance-sheet.
  • Finance Leases: The cost of the asset is spread over a number of years but the lender does not take a residual value interest in the asset. This is usually reflected by higher lease payments than an operating lease and the asset and lease liabilities are reflected on the balance sheet.

With annual revenues of around £300 million, telent has decades of experience in supplying a broad range of network and communications services. Today, the privately-held company employs approximately 2,500 people and has one of the largest engineering field forces in the UK. Customers include: Airwave, BT, Merseyside Fire & Rescue, the Metropolitan Police, National Express, Network Rail, Stagecoach, Tube Lines, and the UK Highways Agency.