Epyon Releases Interfaces to Enable Back-Office Integration for Its EV Fast Chargers

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 Terra DC Charge Stations Will Support OCPP and Other Leading Network Protocols.

Epyon Power (http://www.epyonpower.com), the leading European supplier of intelligent fast-charging solutions for electric vehicles, today announced compatibility with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and said that it will also embrace other commonly used standards for back-office integration.

Epyon’s Terra charge stations are the first DC chargers to offer compatibility with OCPP, a widely-adopted, free-to-use standard. Compatibility with such protocols allows service operators to connect Epyon Terra charge stations in the field with their centralized back office, enabling real-time user authentication and authorization and a variety of other charging-related functionalities.

Epyon will also release a range of interfaces for back-office systems that support proprietary protocols, including the POD Point Network protocol by POD Point Ltd. All Terra DC fast-charging systems can be delivered with a built-in RFID reader, which allows users to simply swipe their card and be authenticated in any back-office system via the network link.

“This latest addition helps operators get the most out of our networked solutions. It allows them to seamlessly integrate their charging operations into the existing back office, which will boost their efficiency and flexibility,” said Wil van Gils, CTO of Epyon. “This capability will soon be available to every charging network operator – no matter which back-office system they use.”

“We are pleased with Epyon’s support for the open OCPP protocol. Logica has developed an OCPP-based back-office system called Chargepoint interactive Management System (CiMS). CiMS was already available for regular AC charging; now it’s also available to operators of DC fast-charging networks,” said Rob Leijn, Managing Director Commercial Sector at Logica, the leading business and technology service company.

Epyon’s Terra DC fast-charging solutions can recharge an EV battery in as little as 15 to 30 minutes _ compared with eight hours when using a regular power outlet. Terra systems provide an unparalleled range of connectivity options to help operators run their charging network more efficiently, including remote maintenance and management of the charging process. Epyon’s networked solutions ensure the highest level of data security through advanced technologies such as TLS and X509 certificates.

Epyon Power, based in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, is Europe’s leading supplier of intelligent fast-charging solutions for electric vehicles. Building on our proven track record of innovation, we design, market and deliver web-managed battery charging systems to help our business customers translate their ambitions into commercial success, while driving growth of the overall EV market.