World’s First Wearable Magazine Taps Writer Community for a Chance to Turn their News Stories into a Graphic T-Shirt

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T-post expands its editorial team by inviting global writers, bloggers and journalists to submit their own news stories online and be considered for future T-post issues.

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T-post wants to spread the word about all the news that’s fit to print…on a T-shirt. In an effort to involve the T-post community in their editorial process, they’re letting writers, bloggers and journalists in on the action.

T-post is tapping the writer community to create their editorial content. Writers will be able to publish as many stories as they like on T-post’s website and create their own profile.

Creating the democratic editorial process readers will have an opportunity to vote for the articles they’d like to see as future T-post issues with the simple click of a VOTE button. Based on the number of votes, article comments and the story topic, the T-post staff will then choose what will become their next issue. Winning entries will have their news story interpreted into a graphic T-shirt by an artist chosen by the T-post staff and receive $1,200 USD.

About T-post

It works a lot like a magazine subscription. Every five weeks, subscribers receive their new issue/T-shirt in the mail, with a news story printed on the inside and the inspired artwork printed on the front. The result is the ultimate conversation piece.

What began in Umea, Sweden in 2004 as a fun media experiment amongst friends and just five shirts has become a buzz-worthy subscription business that currently spans over 50 countries.

T-post’s ground-breaking concept of commissioning artists to produce visual interpretations of the writer communities news stories continues to enjoy global success. With 64 issues under T-post’s belt, extensive coverage in the media, (The Wall Street Journal calls T-post “Reinventing the magazine” and Time Magazine calls them “Awesome”), and a loyal following of global subscribers, much of T-post’s success can be attributed to their simple mission: Spread the news.

Their latest issue covers the excessive use of prescription drugs, despite all the warnings of severe side effects, including death. (

Whether T-post decides to cover bizarre side effects, the redesign of the hotdog, sleep sex, or Arizona’s immigration law, T-post manages to instigate meaningful thought, conversation, and action…

For example, Issue 51 titled ‘Higher Education’ saw T-post comment on the number of ridiculous college classes available today by using Augmented Reality (AR), allowing subscribers to play Rock, Paper, Scissors against a computer-generated arm that appears to extend out of the shirt itself! (

And for Issue 57, ‘Make or Amen Break It’, T-post celebrated the most important six-second drum loop with a playable drum set graphic, an original song using the Amen Break, and a music video featuring dueling ‘air drummers’. (

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