Fiberglass Disposal… Global Fiberglass Solutions

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Washington based company has introduced a new technology to recycle fiberglass and use the recycled fiberglass to produce green jobs that create environmentally post-consumer products.

Global Fiberglass Solutions (, Inc., Bellevue, WA based company announces that it is now in talks with international fiberglass manufacturers, state governments and national government representatives to build and manage facilities to collect and recycle fiberglass on a national basis, once collected the fiberglass will be used as the base to produce products that will be much stronger than the alternatives and recyclable.

The technology and process is proprietary and not being utilized by any other company or government agency. This will change the way fiberglass and other previously non-recyclable materials will be disposed of and save landfills from hundreds of millions of pounds of toxic non decomposing material.

Why Recycle Fiberglass and Fiberglass Products?

Fiberglass has been put into landfills as the primary way of disposal. There are multiple issues with this as it is fairly light and takes up a lot of room for its weight. It also has unusually high strength and it very slow to decompose taking hundreds of years to even start the decomposition process.

Many traditionally green businesses are green throughout their entire processes up until it is time to dispose of the fiberglass they use. It is at this point that the only way to dispose of the fiberglass up until now has been to deliver to a local landfill.

Global Fiberglass Solutions will have a dramatic impact on the way fiberglass is disposed of and on the production of other fiberglass products that will now be considered green from production through use and disposal.