GGA Software Services and Royal Society of Chemistry’s ChemSpider Announce Partnership

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Leading provider of scientific informatics services to the life sciences and related industries and leading provider of chemical services and data on the internet form strategic technology partnership.

The partnership will provide significant benefits to users of the ChemSpider chemical database. The agreement makes available GGA’s open source Bingo chemistry search engine for use on the ChemSpider website, enhancing the ability of users of the ChemSpider service to efficiently conduct searches of the nearly 25 million chemical structures within the ChemSpider chemical database.

Bingo is a RDBMS data cartridge that provides the next-generation, fast, scalable, and efficient storage and searching solution for chemical information. Bingo sets the industry standard in structure and reaction registration and retrieval, implementing state-of-the-art indexing algorithms within an underlying database server and making chemical searching fast and reliable. Its extensible indexing enables scientists to store, index, and search chemical moieties alongside numbers and text within one underlying relational database server. Users can seamlessly combine chemical substructure, reaction, and exact structure searching with numeric and text SQL terms. It also has features not present in other cartridges – for example, advanced tautomer search, resonance substructure search, and fast updating of the index when adding new structures.

Richard Golob, President and CEO of GGA Software Services, states “We are very pleased to offer GGA’s Bingo search engine to users of the ChemSpider service. As a professional services company, GGA would like to partner and share with others in the scientific informatics community to develop best-of-class open-source solutions. Bingo, our open-source offering that is the result of five years of internal development, provides all the necessary search features required by chemoinformatics applications. With Bingo, we have succeeded in achieving superior performance in a data cartridge for various types of searches, especially substructure search. Users of Bingo will enjoy unsurpassed search capability for molecules and reactions.”

Antony Williams, Vice President of Strategic Development for ChemSpider, adds “ChemSpider has become one of the primary internet resources for scientists to search for chemicals and related information. The ability to efficiently search across a database of almost 25 million structures is a significant challenge. We chose GGA’s Bingo offering as a result of the superior responsiveness of the GGA development team and the fact that the software is open source, thereby allowing us to extend the platform as necessary. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with GGA Software Services.”

GGA Software Services ( is a leading provider of outsourced scientific informatics services to the life sciences industry. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a best-of-class development center in St. Petersburg, Russia, GGA offers broad capabilities in scientific software engineering, algorithm development, and knowledge, especially in cheminformatics and bioinformatics. Global pharmaceutical, scientific instrumentation, and medical device corporations as well as early-stage life science companies rely on GGA to provide ongoing scientific informatics services, including support, maintenance, and QA services, to enhance their internal resources. Since 1994, GGA has successfully served as an extended workbench for its clients, allowing them to both achieve their critical objectives and maximize their scientific informatics budget.

The RSC ( is the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences. Supported by a worldwide network of members and an international publishing business, our activities span education, conferences, science policy and the promotion of chemistry to the public.

ChemSpider ( offers a structure-centric community for chemists to resource data. Offering access to almost 25 million unique chemical entities from over 400 data sources and by providing a platform for crowd-sourced deposition, annotation, and curation, it is the richest source of free integrated chemistry information available online. ChemSpider delivers data and services to enable the semantic web for chemistry.