Cibenix shortlisted for 2011 Digital Media Award

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Cibenix has been shortlisted as one of the finalists in the Mobile Internet Innovation category for the 2011 Digital Media Awards.

Cibenix was selected for its work in delivering mobile internet services to mobile users.

Particularly relevant aspects of the Cibenix solution include:

  • The Cibenix product enables the delivery of compelling social networking services such as Facebook to mobile users.
  • The Cibenix offering runs across multiple mobile device operating systems allowing mobile internet services to be offered to both smartphone as well as feature phone users.
  • Because the solution makes the mobile internet accessible & usable on feature phones, services can be offered to today’s mass market users, something that is especially crucial in emerging markets.
  • The Cibenix Designer tool allows a user experience to be configured once for multiple device platforms, without needing development knowledge of the underlying software – for example create a client that runs on Android, BlackBerry and other smartphones, as well as running on feature phones such as Nokia Series40 and other Java phones, in a single drag-and-drop tool.
  • Ability to deliver the offering as a cloud based service.

    “We are delighted to have been selected as a finalist for this award.” says Gerry Jones, Chairman, Cibenix. “There is huge potential in the mobile internet around the world and are delighted to be bringing these services to users”.

    The winner will be selected from the finalists at the award ceremony on Friday, 11th February where the guest of honour is Eamon Ryan, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.

    Cibenix provides an On Device Services (ODS) software client on smartphones and feature phones. The feature phone client gives a feature phone as close an experience to a smartphone as possible. The Cibenix client gives the mobile operator a presence on the mobile phone – a presence that provides a strategic gateway to the mobile internet, and allows the operator to build and develop a close relationship with the customer that persists as they move to new devices and new services.

    Cibenix provides a proven, off-the-shelf and ready to run client solution – offering a very short time to market and minimum risk for the operator.

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    Cibenix is the leading provider of On-Device Service (ODS) solutions for mobile operators, massively improving the usability of mobile content and services with rich mobile applications supporting Customer Care, Social Networking, On-Device Portals, Mobile Widgets, Application Management and Advertising.

    The Cibenix solution delivers the most flexible and feature-rich user experience currently available, and also provides an open and extensible end-to-end solution for smartphones as well as lower end devices. Cibenix have successfully deployed ODS solutions all over the world with tier one, multi-country mobile operators who have had difficult requirements, very short timelines and demanding expectations.

    Cibenix, which is privately held, was founded in 2002, and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.