New dating app lets singles send ‘virtual drinks’ at the bar

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Sending a girl a drink at the bar is a complicated process: identifying the girl, ordering the drink and paying the barman. But now purveyors of smooth flirting can do it all on their mobile phones with dating app StreetSpark…

StreetSpark’s latest feature lets users send gifts to their ‘sparks’ over the network, including buying a cocktail or glass of Champagne.

Instead of the classic scenes where a barman delivers a drink to the lonely girl, the leading man can simply send the object of his affection a virtual drink on StreetSpark. If she accepts he can bring it to her himself. No need for the barman to get involved.

To help the process they’ve even got a list of ‘icebreakers’ to send to potential partners for those not so hot on chat up lines.

StreetSpark ( is the free, hot new location-based mobile dating app that ‘sparks’ users when a potential match is nearby. If both ‘ignite’ the spark they can flirt and chat on the network and meet up for a drink. To make it even simpler they can have their date at any of the special ‘hotspots’ in the area where they can get deals as StreetSpark users.

StreetSpark creator Anthony Erwin says the new features will increase the move to ‘spontaneous dating’ that thousands of StreetSparkers have been experimenting with since the app launched.

“Sending a cute girl or guy a drink with a cheeky chat-up line helps break the ice and get people flirting and having fun,” says Anthony.

“That’s what StreetSpark is all about. We want to give singles as much help as possible in finding the right person, or just someone to have a laugh with.”

Streetspark is currently available on iPhone and web and mobile web ( with Android and Blackberry versions in development.

For overview videos, click here:

StreetSpark is a way to connect with people who you have not met, but may want to. It can be used for both dating and social networking. You tell them a bit about yourself and about the types of people you are looking to meet. They match for you.

Through the website and your mobile handset they let you know when one of your matches (called ‘Sparks’) are nearby through GPS and mobile phone triangulation. They alert both of you that you have been matched, and that you are nearby.

Your exact location is never shown, instead they only indicate distance away. And everything is completely safe and secure. No contact information is revealed and your exact location is not shown.