HCR Ltd acquires Phoenix Relocation Services

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HCR Ltd, the UK’s leading independent Relocation Management Company, announced today that they have acquired the trading assets of Phoenix Relocation Services Ltd out of administration.

HCR have employed the ex-Phoenix staff in order to provide a continuous relocation service to the clients affected by the Phoenix collapse.

“It could have been a nightmare for Phoenix clients as their employee rents and utilities would go unpaid and unmanaged, properties in a Guaranteed Sales Price scheme would go missing and general administration simply not be dealt with” reported the Business Development Director, Adrian Leach.

“We have the systems, the management and the financial stability to support Phoenix clients at this difficult time”.

“When we heard of the problems Phoenix were encountering I felt compelled to step in to help the staff and the clients”, said HCR’s MD, Andrew Finney.

He noted, “HCR has been in the relocation industry for 28 years and I know that we can provide continuity in service and a substantial improvement in management to clients who would otherwise be in dire straights. The blend of the Phoenix service delivery team and the HCR specialist teams will provide an unbeatable combination of passion, talent and successful management that will benefit all our clients, and we are looking forward to the challenges ahead”.

HCR Group, based in Basingstoke, is the UK’s largest independent relocation specialist and a leading provider of rental accommodation for professionals and their families – UK and Worldwide.

Its clients are corporations and government departments. HCR currently has 6,700 people housed under HCR tenancy, and pays in excess of £75 million in rent and utilities per annum on behalf of their clients.

It relocates approximately 10,000 people p.a. HCR provides a choice of services including funded Guaranteed Sales Price, Look See, Home Search, Policy Consulting, School Search, Managing Expenses, and Visa & Immigration.