Sunbird Clue – Hollywood professionals turn to China movie market

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Sunbird, a totem from 7,200 years ago reveals the clue for human civilization and transformation. A movie led by Hollywood professionals is to be produced in Shenyang, China, 2016.

China has become the #2 largest movie market after America.  More and more Hollywood professionals are turning their future career growth to the Chinese market.  The Chinese movie makers are looking for the experienced Hollywood professionals to make movies in China by using China’s thousands of years of history and legendary stories.  

A Hollywood style movie, named Sunbird Clue, is to be produced in Shenyang city in 2016 by joint efforts of Chinese movie producers and Hollywood professionals, announced by Shenyang Huang Gu district officials on January 13th, 2016.  Beijing Harmony Media Company takes the lead on this project by integrating all needed resources from China and Hollywood.  

Sunbird is the totem of the tribe people 7,200 years ago based on the archaeological discovery in Shenyang city.  

The feature film Sunbird Clue tells the story of Chinese and American intelligence agencies working together tracking notorious smuggler using strings of the heart to gain access to ancient sacred Chinese relic of mystical dimensions.  A Sacred China “must keep secret” artifact, and known mystically powerful relic that the Chinese “Powers That be” must keep safe, is at risk of falling into evil hands. 

This component, the missing pieces of the tribe totem, the Sunbird, the Ultimate Puzzle ACTIVATES the “OTHER” dimensional powers that in evil hands… all HELL breaks loose.  It’s up to the world’s top clandestine agents from China and US to work in concert to stop this potential atrocity that could put the humans in danger. NOW! 

This movie is at the project development stage right now.  Many Hollywood professionals have shown their interests to participate in the movie production and performance.  David Zucker, Billy Zane, Chuck Russel, James Khan, Stephen Huntsman, Ron Gilbert, Edmund Druilhet, Lee Caplin, Ellen Perry, Brian Connors, Jon Brekke and many more would like to join the production force.  It is a China based and Hollywood standard movie to be distributed worldwide including China market without the quota because it is a Shenyang City government endorsed movie.  

“Sunbird Clue will become the great example for Hollywood professionals to work with China movie markers to produce the best movies for world movie lovers by using China’s thousands of years history, culture and stories”, said Susan Pattis, the producer and organizer of this movie project, also the Chairman and founder of Sky N Earth TV Corporation and Beijing Harmony Media Company Limited.