Monterey heralds Enterprise Class Cloud Computing on Wall Street

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Key industry initiative unveiled at High Performance on Wall Street…

Cloudsoft Corporation, a leading cloud software company, today announced the launch of Monterey. Monterey is an Enterprise Class Cloud Platform that, working with adjacent technologies in the stack, provides native support for Cloudsoft® Distributed Mediation (CDM), an application delivery platform that simplifies the development and deployment of complex transactional applications in the Cloud. CDM’s patented technology automatically eliminates network and processing bottlenecks; and CDM optimizes resource management and implements policies such as follow-the-sun to minimize latency and follow-the-moon to compress costs.

“Essentially Monterey lets you use CDM to rapidly develop mission critical applications; then deploy and run these applications on an enterprise class cloud infrastructure. CDM delivers optimal performance with true LAN/WAN application mobility,” explained Duncan Johnston-Watt, Founder and CEO, Cloudsoft Corporation. “The ‘M’ in Monterey is ‘M’ for middleware. CDM proves that only a middleware platform can ultimately bridge the gap between enterprise and the cloud and between cloud services providers. That’s why we chose the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, California as our symbol!”

In order to prove this concept Cloudsoft has teamed up with pioneering managed cloud services provider PrimaCloud and built a prototype platform with the help of Citrix Systems, Intel Corporation and Super Micro Computer; as well as PrimaCloud’s strategic partners Enigmatec Corporation and Xsigo Systems.”

We share Cloudsoft’s vision that ‘bringing business to the cloud’ is not simply a tag line but is fundamentally about creating a production environment that offers the hallmarks of a purpose-built enterprise class infrastructure at significantly reduced total cost of operations,“ commented Dave Durkee, Founder and CEO, PrimaCloud. “Central to this is our adoption of run book automation to orchestrate the provisioning and management of complex application environments which will provide Monterey’s customers with managed computing services on a utility basis that are highly available, scalable, and cost effective.”

Cloudsoft has developed a benchmark, EzBrokerage, which showcases the ease with which critical business applications, in this case an electronic brokerage service, can be developed and deployed using CDM. EzBrokerage can be configured to test Monterey under a wide range of simulated market scenarios.

“Monterey is a great complement to the recently announced Xen Cloud Platform initiative, which will deliver open source virtual infrastructure platform technology that enables cloud providers to offer rich, enterprise-class infrastructure services that work seamlessly with the virtualized application workloads customers are already running in their internal datacenters and private clouds,” said Gordon Mangione, VP of Emerging Products, Datacenter and Cloud Division, Citrix Systems. “Monterey and the EzBrokerage application will further help the Xen community achieve its goal to empower providers and catalyze cloud adoption by the enterprise.”

Monterey also supports a hybrid cloud model where an enterprise may want to span multiple clouds for resilience; create a bridge or burst between their existing infrastructure and managed cloud services; or even dynamically migrate critical functionality in order to collocate this with other business critical services.

“We are delighted that Monterey has selected our quad core Xeon 5570 series processors to provide the underlying compute power,” observed Nigel Woodward, Global Director, Financial Services, Intel. “We believe that the design of cloud infrastructure is in its early stages and will require the type of architectural design discipline – covering performance, security, latency and above all application mobility – that the Monterey initiative promises.”

“Monterey recognizes the need to optimize the entire cloud stack in order to deliver enterprise class performance and reliability,” added Don Clegg, VP Marketing & Business Development, Super Micro Computer. “Our mission is to deliver application-optimized, high performance server solutions and it is very exciting to see our latest 2U Twin2 server in action providing the foundation for PrimaCloud.”

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