SecPoint provides Wi-Fi security with the Penetrator

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Danish IT security enterprise SecPoint ( has made life miserable for hackers all over the world, winning an award for its pioneering Penetrator…

The renowned PC World Innovation Award for SecPoint’s Penetrator (, speaks for itself. And the designation has delighted the owner of the enterprise, Victor Christiansenn.

“It is easy to win a general award, but an innovation award tells you that this really breaks new ground,“ he says.

And breaking new ground is exactly what the Penetrator is doing. It was launched around New Year and has already proved its worth in several large enterprises and security organisations in Europe.

Integrated in an ordinary laptop computer, the Penetrator ( scans and detects possible vulnerabilities in any wireless business network, cracking any malicious codes and encryptions.

Indeed, the Penetrator not only detects vulnerabilities, it also presents a solution to the problem – or as PC World explains in its recognition of the device for the innovatory award: “It penetrates networks assessing not only their security level but also their resistance to penetration. In all of the tests, the Penetrator succeeded in finding all passwords and keys.“

Add to this that the Penetrator is extremely easy to use, even by individuals without any technical knowledge. This fact is reported on by a Greek magazine which tested and reviewed the product, recognising that: “The Penetrator is so user-friendly that you quickly get familiar with the product.“

And user-friendliness is indeed something that is rated highly by SecPoint, which is now, less than a year after launching its first Penetrator, ready to introduce an updated version that is even more user-friendly.

“It has cost us lot of working hours, but it is worth the toil when you get such fine reviews“, Christiansenn says.

As described above, the Penetrator is integrated in an ordinary laptop computer. Along with the effective protection against hackers, you therefore also get an ordinary working tool with Windows Vista and SecPoint’s traditional vulnerability scanning.

The price of the Penetrator is approximately €2,200, exclusive of VAT.