Value Chain adopts epub standard

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ePub to be used in libraries and online; instantly available to hundreds of sites…

Value Chain International (VCIL), a global digital publishing specialist, has enabled ePub titles to be rendered seamlessly within its online DX READER platform, which is used by libraries and institutions around the world.

The titles will be fully DRM protected along with OEB and other XML files.

VCIL recognises the emerging publishing industry ePub standard developed by International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and have not only put their support behind the initiative to create a single ebook format, but have taken action to implement it today across all services and solutions.

“VCIL has produced our 18,000 ebooks and ebookstore and elibrary offers. This move enables us to adopt ePub and integrate it seamlessly within our offers.” said Mark Majurey, Digital Development Director, Taylor and Francis / Informa.

VCIL will fully adopt the IDPF rights and encryption specifications published by IDPF and will be introducing multi platform ePub offers based on DX technology.

VCIL conversion services now offer ePub output as a standard offer to all publishers and Gardners Digital Service (UK’s largest book wholesaler) will also offer this as part of their publisher offer.

“This move by VCIL enables us to not only offer our publishers conversion services to ePub but also will enable us to offer publishers and retailers the option to promote titles with our ePub enabled ‘View Inside’ widgets and sell ePub along with all the other major ebook formats,” said Bob Jackson, Commercial Director Gardners Books.

“We believe that this announcement is significant in that it not only brings ePub to the library and institutional online environments, it is another step forward in the adoption of ePub as a standard format for the publishing industry,” said Garth Conboy, Co-chair ePub Working Groups and Board Member of the IDPF.