its still there, identaty theft

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You may not have heard about it lately but identity theft is still a growing crime, this artical covers the still existant crime of identaty theft

You may not have heard about it lately but identity theft is still a growing crime and the public still don’t take the proper precautions.
Over two years Online banking
scams have increased by 8,000% which has cost over
£1.7 billion.
So why are people not taking precautions? 30% use the same PIN for all bank cards, people say they do this because they have difficulty remembering all the different codes.
95% of Britons have never checked their credit report, Most people don’t think to bother
An elderly pensioner – a victim of identity
theft who had £800 wroth in mercantile purchased with her card has this to say: “I got a
phone call from a distributing company
and said that my details are wrong and
asked me for my them,” the elderly pensioner
merrily gave them her bank and card details.
The next day she got a phone call from different distributor asking if she order a games
console – they where checking due to the
different address no the card to delivery
address, she said no she had not ordered.
later that day she checked her bank statement and found £800 had been debited.
She had this to add “im the victim of
credit card fraud it makes me sick to
the stomach that people can stoop so low.”
Fortunately she had assistance from friend who made added by contacted the, bank,
distribution company, local police.
The police did not seem to care about
the identity theft, which lead to the question are they actually policing the situation