England’s victory: Blood, sweat and beers

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England, world champions. Sounds good doesn’t it? Clive Woodward and his team have battled through one of the world’s most demanding tournaments to give England something it has missed for almost 40 years.

In a time when football, the country’s number one sport, is going through troubled times, the England Rugby Union side have shown spirit and professionalism to lift the country from the depths of despair.

Professionalism is one thing lacking from football at the moment.

With the scandal of the Rio drug saga, two separate rape cases under investigation regarding Premiership footballers and now the news that West Brom striker Lee Hughes has been arrested in relation to an RTA in which an elderly man died, maybe football can learn some things from its rugby neighbours.

Despite conceding a controversial last minute penalty that brought the Aussies level and forced extra time, the English Lions walked back to their positions and kept their heads up, no arguing and no chasing the referee around the pitch.

A far cry from the shambles we see every week in football.

From politicians to the public, people are queuing up to congratulate our boys on their heroics and put their names forward for the Queen’s New Year’s honours list. And who would argue?

The image of Golden Boots Jonny Wilkinson dropping ‘that’ goal will bring a smile to the faces of every Englishman and woman for years to come.

Picking up the Webb Ellis trophy after their historic 20-17 victory over Australia on Saturday the team celebrated with a 15-hour drinking session any student would be proud of.

The team left Sydney on British Airways flight BA16 at 1620 Sydney time on Monday and will arrive at Heathrow’s terminal four at 0430 GMT on Tuesday.

So, after the hangover wears off, what will be next for Wilko and the team?

According to various newspapers, the team can look forward to improved salaries and advertising offers from all angles.

Whatever positives come out of this success for the team there is no doubt they thoroughly deserve them.

The sport of Rugby is already feeling its own positives across the country with interest in watching and playing it increasing every day, especially in schools.

If parents are looking for role models for their children then they need look no further.

Arise Sir Clive!