Pinochet detention recalls grim past

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The ongoing picket outside the London Harley Street Clinic – where General Pinochet remains under armed detention – climaxed on Saturday when 400 protestors gathered in support of his extradition to Spain to face charges of murder and torture.

The crowd, mostly Chilean, but also from Turkey, Columbia and Sweden chanted, "Assasseino" – murderer – and "We want justice" in the falling rain.

The arrest and ongoing refusal of Britain to recognise Pinochet’s claim of diplomatic immunity has most recently resulted in his team of lawyers, headed by Michael Caplan QC, to suggest "The Queen could be extradited from America…"- should she visit it – "…to Argentina for the murder of Argentinean nationals during the Falklands war."

Since the potentially inflammatory suggestion, a Chilean jet carrying medical equipment is confirmed to have landed at the British airbase, Brize Norton.